Excavators have always been an important part of the construction industry. They provide the efficiency to speed up the construction process and help find new possibilities each day. With innovation occurring daily in the construction industry, they have also been walking down the lawn to match the new technologies.

With this, brands like Tata Hitachi & CAT construction machines give out their full potential in bringing innovations to change the industry market. Subsequently, it benefits the construction professionals in setting new benchmarks for work output. So, here we are with the two top construction equipment to keep you going. 

The Tata Hitachi EX 130 Super & CAT 323D3

Tata Hitachi EX 130 Super

This excavator has reached all the heights of being one of the best options in the market. The model does not have the “super” only in its name but also proves to be one. With an engine capacity of 75 HP, this construction machine won’t ever let you down with its power and capabilities. In addition, this equipment comes with an exceptional operating weight of 12,146 kg. Thus, enabling you to work on your operations without worrying about anything. This also makes your operations smooth with its maximum digging capacity of 4720 mm along with a bucket capacity of 0.6 cum. Lastly, the Tata Hitachi Excavator price list starts from Rs. 47 Lakhs to Rs. 49 Lakhs in India. 

CAT 323D3

The CAT excavator machine is among the top players in the list of best excavators. To illustrate, the model comes equipped with a high-performing engine of 140 HP. Additionally, this excavator has a maximum operating weight of 23000 kg. With both these features, this machine has taken the game to a new level. Furthermore, CAT 323D3 can dig up to 6309 mm. A feature that further increases the work efficiency is its bucket capacity of 1.05 cum that lets you dig out all the mud from the ground conveniently. Above all, the CAT excavator price range justifies its features. To illustrate, the starting price of this model is Rs. 44 Lakhs and it can go up to Rs. 46 Lakhs in India.