The essence of the economy in the game New World means that there are hardly any reliable methods to quickly earn gold. The current fundamental issue is that the game is quite frugal with currency rewards. While you can address the “gold shortage” issue in New World through bartering and trading, there are times when you’ll still need gold.


In most MMO games, quests are often one of the least effective ways to earn New World Coins. Shockingly, in New World, quests are the sole consistent method for earning extra gold within the normal gameplay process.

You should complete almost all available quests in New World because these quests are among the few truly consistent ways the game rewards you with substantial gold. While occasional mobs may drop gold, you can’t feasibly “farm” enough mobs like you might in other MMOs.

More crucial than earning gold through questing is realizing that you need to save the gold earned from quests. Once you’ve completed the most lucrative quests in “New World,” you essentially lose the absolute best way to earn gold in the game. You need to plan around this inevitability.

Armor and Weapon Crafting

Based on our observations of professions in New World, we speculated that armor and weapon crafting might eventually become valuable skills. It turns out this is indeed the case, although not for the reasons we initially suspected.

While you can certainly sell armor and weapons for extra gold, the true value of these trade skills lies in making you a more self-sufficient player. Being able to rely on your crafting skills to obtain high-level armor and weapons is far better than needing to depend on the open market or bartering to obtain such items.

Farming Tier 1 Resources like Iron Ore

Given how various crafting systems function in New World, practically every player will consistently require tier 1 resources as they progress. While these resources might be easier to obtain and more commonplace, we quickly discovered that focusing on gathering low-value resources that everyone needs seemed more effective than high-value resources only a portion of players need.

Iron ore seems to be the most valuable overall tier 1 resource currently. The key point, however, is not to dismiss these items due to their low value because they will sell rapidly, making them more valuable overall than their individual prices would suggest.

the Value of Refined Resources & Raw Resources

In New World, there are often situations where you need to consider whether crafting an item is more valuable than selling its individual raw materials. No example highlights this difference between raw and refined materials more consistently.

In essence, you should never assume that refined materials are inherently more valuable than raw materials. In fact, frequently, it’s more valuable (and easier) to sell raw materials in bulk than attempting to transport smaller quantities of refined materials. This isn’t always the case, but it’s one of the slightly different aspects of the New World economy. Sometimes, seemingly less valuable” materials can be more valuable than theoretically rarer items.

Choosing Trading Post Settlements

While ideally, you should sell your items for the highest possible prices, this isn’t always the best course of action. If traveling to another trading post for a slightly higher price takes a long time, it might not be worthwhile considering the time investment required. You also need to factor in taxes and how they affect your potential returns. The key is to always understand your choices.

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