A newborn brings immense joy to the family. While kisses, cuddles, and warm hugs galore, they also usher in a ton of responsibilities. The first thing is to decide on outfits for the tiny tots. This begins by adding the perfect set of clothes to your hospital bag. So, to help you buy the choicest options, here is a list of absolute must-haves in any newborn’s closet. The list includes baby girl and baby boy rompers, bodysuits, mittens and more.

Easy-to-wear rompers

Rompers are practical, easy to put on and off, and highly comfortable when choosing clothes for a newborn. Ensure you opt for soft cotton fabrics so that they feel snug against your baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, pick ones that are easy to wash, maintain, and hold their shape even after regular washing.

For designs, you can go for simple rompers with prints and designs or opt for ones with hoodies if your baby wants some extra warmth.

Comfortable sleepsuits

While a baby boy or baby girl romper is a fine addition to their wardrobe, sleepsuits with full sleeves and a complete leg cover can be an excellent addition to your hospital bag. They are incredibly comfortable to be worn at night and can be easily changed. Some even come with an enclosed feet design for additional comfort and warmth. If you want something warmer, go for walk-in sleepsuits designed to replace blankets.

Unisex pyjamas

Who does not love pyjamas? If you seek variety in your child’s sleepwear options, unisex pyjamas with short sleeves can be an excellent choice in warmer weather. These are cosy and cool and allow you to mix and match clothes. Choose pleasant designs and colours that do not distract them during bedtime.

You could also go for ones with a stretchy waistband that is gentle on your newborn’s tummy. Some even come with a fold-over envelope neck design that makes changing immensely easy.

Easy-peasy bodysuits

An infant bodysuit allows easy diaper changes and is super helpful for the new mom. You can choose half-sleeved ones if it is warm. Alternatively, pair full-sleeved bodysuits with joggers to dodge the cold and give your child some extra warmth. Always go for ones with flat seams that do not irritate your baby’s skin and choose 100% cotton fabric for a comfortable fit.

Other useful accessories

Things like mittens, comfortable unisex sock tops, booties, and cosy hats are also absolute musts for babies. Choose soft, comfortable pieces that do not irritate your baby’s skin. For sock tops and booties, go for flexible designs that provide enough room for your baby to wiggle their toes.