Each year, over 22,000 applicants take the undergraduate admissions test. Approximately 7,700 individuals pass the examination. On the basis of merit, about 2,400 seats are given to applicants. To CRACK the NIFT Entrance Exam, you must follow an excellent NIFT preparation approach due to the intense competition.

Improve Your Observational & Visualization Abilities The primary goal of the examination is to evaluate your creative and imaginative abilities. In addition, the questions are designed to assess your general knowledge, observation abilities, and visualisation. There is a misconception among students that just excellent drawing is necessary for a high grade. The development of the aforementioned abilities are equally essential.

Improve Your Speed: Exceptional sketching abilities and originality are meaningless without speed. The objective is to demonstrate your creativity and originality in a restricted amount of time.

Solve Sample Papers: Solve as many sample papers as possible. This will give you a sense of the question kinds that will be asked. You will also be aware of the general difficulty level of the admission exam. Furthermore, this will significantly increase your speed.

  • Consider one’s weakest areas and attempt to improve them.
  • Plan regular workouts for skill maintenance.
  • Solving papers from past years will be the icing on the cake.

Enhance Your General Knowledge: It is not required to memorise every single GK book. Awareness of current events is increasingly essential. The following considerations will be taken into account:

  • Making habit of reading newspapers
  • Knowing the notable designers who have contributed to this difficult profession.
  • Spending time reading fashion and design books and periodicals. Ensure that no region is overlooked.

Don’t Waste Time Erasing And Redrawing: During the allotted time, ensure that you do not waste time erasing and redrawing, as the majority of applicants do. To achieve this, it is advisable to draw with a delicate touch, concentrating mostly on outline at first. After approving the initial shape and proportions, one may begin detailing and finalising the design. Candidates are advised on how to improve their sketching talents.

Observe The OPUS YouTube tutorials on drawing, design innovations, and colour applications to hone current abilities. Remember that distinctiveness is the key to success in representations.”

Be Uncommon: In order to pass this examination, you must be able to use your creativity and creative ideas in an unconventional manner to develop something. To develop anything fresh, one must be capable of coming up with original concepts. The CAT and GAT will examine distinct thought processes.