Ekwonu is a promising prospect who has been soaring up boards due to his athletic abilities, however, there Madden 23 coins are concerns over regarding his potential as left tackle in the future. The Panthers offensive line, however, is awful that they won’t be concerned about the position he will end in along the line. If he has to be moved to right tackle it’s an upgrade. Moved inside to guard, the Panthers have to consider that. Carolina will not feel the same way and will be content with this pick.

No. 7. New York Giants (from Chicago) -” Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State

With the obvious dedication in Daniel Jones it’s time to upgrade the offensive line. Cross is an excellent, reliable Day 1 player at either tackle position. With left-handed tackle Andrew Thomas making a huge leap this season, it’s crucial to strengthen the rest of the lineup. While Cross is more being a right tackle he has the size and athleticism to be solid at either edge. This versatility will be appreciated.

No. 8: Atlanta Falcons — Derek Stingley Jr, CB, LSU

Any disappointment in Thibodeaux going down will disappear with the realization the Falcons have arguably most effective cornerbacks in the draft. Stingley is all you need and is a great candidate to become an elite outside corner at the next level by gaining a little guidance to enhance his drive and aggression.

No. 9: Denver Broncos — Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

I’m working under the assumption that the possibility of Denver landing Aaron Rodgers is a pipe dream. The new chief coach Nathanial Hackett has a QB coaching background and it’s become abundantly clear this: Drew Lock ain’t it. Pickett has an above-average arm, above average athleticism and is self-confident. It’s not like he’s Aaron Rodgers, but there are some similar traits here. I believe Pickett can become an above-average starter who is capable of going even further when he has a coach team that will help him develop his awareness of pressure.

No. 10. New York Jets (from Seattle) — Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

The only thing to know is whether the Jets had a mistake picking Zach Wilson with the No. 2 overall pick, but until that decision is confirmed then they will need to find him more help. Wilson is the top receiver in this class with the ability to make large plays using his legs to take advantage of YAC, or gain huge distance on deep routes due to his expertise.

No. 11. Washington Commandants — Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

The Commanders are a solid team, but has been disappointed by their QB performance for the entire duration of Ron Rivera’s stint with cheap mut 23 coins the team. Now is the time to begin a pivotal year, and I think it’s the right time for the team to try their hand at the position of a QB. Rivera is sure to love Willis’ coachability, and his athleticism, even if he’s a work on the way to becoming a pure passer. Keep in mind that the most successful part of Rivera’s coaching career was through Cam Newton and the Panthers So he’s no flinching to stand out at quarterback.