The health benefits of a diet with ample fruits and vegetables are well-known. They include better overall health, less chance of disease, and fighting the aging process. Such foods have abundant antioxidants. Moreover, they alkalinize the human body and thus improve the metabolic system.

At present many don’t get the standard five servings of various fruits and vegetables daily

A sad fact is that a great number of the overall population worldwide doesn’t get the standard five servings of various fruits and vegetables daily. This phenomenon can be attributed to multiple reasons.

One reason is the high cost of Garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Numerous people do not have the funds to eat such quantities regularly.

A common characteristic of present-day societies is a very hectic lifestyle. Often, people cannot visit grocery stores at sufficient intervals to maintain a supply of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables in their homes.

What is the result?

Many people in the USA, Canada, and across the world lack minerals and vitamins. Moreover, they have really low antioxidant levels.

  • The result of compromised nutrition is less effective restoration in the human body
  • What is the result of low antioxidant levels in the human body? Cellular damage increases. The ultimate causes of this cellular damage are cell mutations, swelling, and the tangible effects that accompany aging

The intake of no less than five servings of various fruits and vegetables daily can thwart and even reverse some such conditions.

They can supplement with a greens powder

However, there is help for people who fail to get the required serving of fruits and vegetables in their diet. They can have some supplements to compensate for the gaps in their diet. An excellent example is a greens powder.

A superfood powder does more than supplement definite minerals and vitamins. It contains a good number of additional nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Moreover, according to scientific studies, a superfood powder contains phytonutrients and enzymes, which betters digestion and general health.

A superfood powder has a bonus in that its source of nutrients is various fruits and vegetables. What is the advantage of this? People who have this powder can get a wider gamut of nutrients compared to a meal of the healthiest diet. Some Greens supplements exceed the 5 A Day portion sizes in one serving.

What does a superfood powder contain?

The answer to this differs based on the brand. However, most brands have some common ingredients, and specific brands will have other ingredients for better taste and more health benefits. Mostly, the grains of these formulas are sprouted for more nutritional potency. Some ingredients are Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Fiber, Chlorella, Herbs, fruit, spirulina, Probiotics and Prebiotics, vegetables, and Wheat Grass.

An excellent vegan superfood powder for good overall health

Greens+ Whole Body Nutrition from Genuine Health helps people additionally charge their nutrition. This greens powder Canada available on delivers overall support for good mood, eye health, brain health, digestive health, etc. Over 70% of this superfood is fermented for better absorption of vital nutrients and antioxidants.

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