Fox Hills Realty is a leading real estate brokerage based in Dubai. The firm was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the private real estate market. Fox Hills Realty provides its clients with a wide range of property services, including investment opportunities, sales, leasing off-plan properties, and property management services.

Luxury real estate investment platform in Dubai

Fox Hills Realty is a luxury real estate investment platform in Dubai. We help investors find the best off-plan property investment opportunities in Dubai. Our brokerage services are available to both individual and corporate clients. We can assist you with all your real estate needs, including finding suitable property investments, arranging financing, insurance, mortgage services, and more!

Our team comprises experienced professionals who know the market inside out; we have experience working with investors from all over the world for their high-net-worth portfolio investment strategies. Fox Hills Realty offers complete support to our clients throughout every step of their investment journey, including sourcing properties matching their specific requirements and negotiating contracts on their behalf.

Prestigious old and off-plan property brokerage in Dubai

We are proud to be one of Dubai’s top real estate companies. We have been in business for over ten years, and we have a team of experts who can help you find the best property investment opportunities.

Our company is well-known for its extensive property portfolio and portfolio management services that provide investors with excellent investment returns. We understand that every investor has different needs when investing in off-plan properties, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet their expectations and budgets.

Buy and lease off-plan property in Dubai.

Off-plan property in Dubai can be an excellent investment. You may choose to buy and lease off-plan property in Dubai or prefer to rent it. Either way, we can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Off-Plan Property Investment by Fox Hills Realty

Buying and leasing off-plan property in Dubai comes with a good ROI (return on investment). The ROI depends on the time since purchasing an apartment or villa unit. If you have bought an apartment recently, there is a chance for great returns on your investment because prices are still relatively high, but there is also potential for growth as more units will continue to be built around them. In this case, if someone were looking for a long-term rental option, then this would be perfect since they could expect rental increases over time due to inflation and other factors affecting real estate prices globally as well as locally within each country where demand exceeds supply at any given time during economic cycles throughout history up until today’s date when people started investing money into tangible assets such as gold coins while others invested directly into real estate via investments like buying land plots near cities around the world that offer low-cost housing solutions, especially due to the lack of affordable housing options available within city limits where demand exceeds supply, causing developers to build more affordable dwellings outside city limits where land costs less but transportation costs higher due to the increased distance between home, work, and school.

Find the best Dubai property investment opportunities.

If you’re looking for a place to invest in property, Fox Hills Realty is the best place to start. Our team specializes in luxury real estate investment opportunities, which means we can provide you with valuable advice on how to get started. As one of the leading real estate brokerage companies in Dubai, our extensive knowledge means that you’ll be able to find the best property investments that suit your needs and budget.

Invest with Fox Hills Realty to benefit from a good ROI.

Investing in off-plan property is a great way to start your property investment journey, but finding the right company can be challenging. Fox Slopes Realty offers you a great return on your initial capital investment. It can provide you with inner serenity to know that the organization you are working with has been around for a long time, has a decent standing, and is notable inside the business.


We’ve got a deal for you if you’re looking for a great investment opportunity. Fox Hills Realty is the leading real estate investment company in Dubai. We offer luxury properties in Dubai at affordable prices, so you can buy off-plan property in Dubai and have good returns on your investment.