The distinct flavour and mouthwatering spices set Omani cuisine apart from other Arabian cuisines. Here are the tastiest sweets from Oman that you must try, featuring flavours like rosewater, saffron, cardamom, and other fantastic ingredients.

Dessert is a necessary part of every meal, and Omani cuisine offers a number of delectable options to sate your sweet craving.

Dates, honey, and rosewater are frequently used in Omani desserts to give them a distinctive and delectable flavour.


The most well-known traditional Omani dessert is called halwa, which translates to “sweet” in Arabic. It is regarded as the national dessert of Oman. Almonds, farina, caramelised sugar, rosewater, saffron, butter, and cardamom are used in its preparation. Depending on the number of ingredients used, Omani halwa is typically created using three colours: white, yellow, and brown. Each shade has a different flavour and price. The traditional coffee of Oman, Omani Qahwa, is typically served with halwa.


In the Arab world, luqaimat is a popular dessert that is frequently offered during iftar, when Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. It’s a crispy dumpling that’s typically served with sweet syrup on top. Flour, sugar, and yeast are combined to make luqaimat, which is then fried in oil. In Oman, hostesses provide luqaimat alongside coffee, various baked products, fruits, and dates as a requirement for their hospitality training.

Omani Dessert

The ingredients used to make omani pudding include butter, milk, vanilla extract, eggs, pistachios, sweetened condensed milk, almonds and lemon zest. It typically has a golden or beige colour with a top garnish of nuts.

Al-Halwa Al-Jazar

Another well-known sweet dish in Oman is the carrot dessert known as Halwa Al Jazar or Halwa Al Gazar. Carrots, ghee, milk, pistachios, and sweetened condensed milk are the ingredients. Gajar ka halwa is another name for it in India.

Halwa Maho

Another delectable treat from Oman is called Maho Halwa; it resembles brownies but is considerably lighter in colour. Saffron, cardamom, sweetened condensed milk, and butter are used to make it.

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