Aluminium coating is a metal surface coating that has excellent corrosion resistant properties. The process of producing aluminium coating is called aluminizing coating. This is a process that diffuses aluminium onto the surface of the metal is a thermo-chemical process.

Areas of Application of Aluminium Coating

Aluminium coating can be applied to a wide range of areas. The most common areas where aluminium can be applied are where there is a need to withstand high heat, humidity and chemical attacks. The areas they can be applied on are boiler parts, chimneys, ducts, pipes and so on.

A well maintained and clean building is a first step to attract customers or clients to visit inside. To keep them new, always upgrading it now and then is an expensive affair, but the fact that adding street appeal to the building improves the value of commercial buildings and that cannot be ignored. Therefore, spray painting aluminium is the ideal way of upgrading the look of your building without spending too much on it.

Process of Spray Painting

Aluminium spray paint is specifically made to hold on to aluminium products. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, aluminium doors, window frames, roller shutters can be redefined using powder-coated, hand-painted, oxidised or anodised aluminium coating.

  • Preparing the Aluminium for Spraying: While refurbishing the exteriors and interiors of the shop front or other metal works, it is important to clean the surface properly as aluminium is non-porous and hence paint will not automatically stick to the surface. Therefore, it is vital to make prior preparation for on site spray painting so that paint will not adhere to the fa├žade and would be liable to chip off or peel.
  • Masking Off: While coating aluminium using a spraying machine all the adjacent surfaces should be protected, so that over-spraying can be prevented.
  • Cleaning Aluminium: The first step or initial step is to make sure that no grease, dirt or dust should be present as it may not let the paint stick. Hence, use a mild solvent solution for proper cleaning.
  • Priming Aluminium: The next step after cleaning is priming. Properly priming the aluminium surface creates a perfect bond of the paint to the surface and increases its longevity.
    This usually depends upon the condition of aluminium. If the old powders that were used have become chalky, it needs more preparation than a newer one. Anodised metal needs the highest level of preparation for optimal adhesion.
  • Spray Painting Aluminium: Spray painting has to be done carefully and with utmost care. Hence, it is crucial to employ experienced professionals to achieve that flawless finish. Professionals have experiences working for commercial and residential buildings and are aware of the best material for the perfect and durable look of the building.
  • De-Masking: Once the painting is done and the paint has dried the mask can be removed from adjacent areas slowly.

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