After two years of hiatus, my heart is aching to travel again. We are unable to take long trips due to our work commitments. We decided to make a short trip to Johor Bahru to cross the land frontier from Singapore to Johor Bahru.


Skyscape at Menara JLand

Skyscape Johor Bahru was our first stop of the day. We were concerned about the long lines, so we went first to reserve our slots. It turned out that Skyscape was very quiet on this day. Only one other couple was there.


Lunch at Kam Long Ah Zai Restaurant

After sightseeing is done, it’s time for us to eat. After walking from Skyscape to Kam Long we discovered that there was already a long queue! We were already in the heat, so we waited for half an hour.


The owner asked us if we would like fish meat when we were in the queue. Despite the fact that the menu only lists fish head and tail, they apparently also sell fish meat (aka salmon steak) at the same price as fish tail.


Our food arrived 15 minutes after we were seated. The food was hot and the bubbles were still popping. The fish steak is very meaty. It was a very satisfying dish. We did not order any drinks because they only sold pre-packaged drinks.


Visit City Square

After lunch, we went to City Square for the usual mall activities. We first walked through the malls in search of massage spots. We haven’t had a massage in over 2 years.


Thai Odyssey was full when we arrived. We didn’t see or hear anything, so it sounded strange. After speaking with massage operators, we learned that there was a shortage of massage parlor workers in JB.


Other massage parlors were also found (SQ Massage, House of Traditional Javanese Massage), but they were not manned. We finally found a massage parlor with a slot that is still manned by First Care Enterprise.


For 1 hour, the Body Massage costs RM 72. We agreed to the next available slot 1 hour later. We had to pay a deposit in order to reserve a slot.


We decided to kill some time and go out for drinks. We initially chose Gong Cha. However, when we realized that the price was similar to Singapore’s, we decided to switch to Coffee Bean.


After our morning coffee, we returned to First Care Massage Parlor. Our massage was delayed by 20 minutes because the receptionist informed us that the guest in front had been late. We didn’t have the energy to go to the mall so we settled for a relaxing spot on their sofa.


It was good. Although it was a bit more painful than I expected it to be, it is still manageable. Although it wasn’t mind blowing, it was enough to end our massage withdrawal syndrome. After the massage it’s time to grab a snack. We purchase Auntie Anne’s famous lye bread.


It was already 5pm after we had finished our snack. After snacking, it was already 5pm.


R&F – Visit

JB CIQ is the easiest way to get to R&F. You can walk to R&F from JB Sentral via an elevated walkway, which is about a 10-minute walk.


R&F was very quiet during my visit. Although it was a significant development, only 10% of the shop spaces were occupied. Not all of the occupied stalls were available. It’s almost like a ghost city.


The yacht jetty was one of my top attractions at R&F. It was pouring so we decided to stay home and have dinner.


Dinner at Siong Tong Gai, R&F Mall

R&F Mall was not home to many restaurants. After visiting a few restaurants, we decided to go to Siong Tong Gai. We felt the price was fair and the quality may be good, as it has more customers than other restaurants.


They have a promotion at that time where you can get a sweet & sour pork free of charge if you order a steam fish. That’s what we got.


The steamed fish weighs in at 800 grams and is a good size for two people. The soup was rich in garlic. Although it isn’t the same steamed fish I am used to, it was still delicious. The sweet & sour pork was delicious and crispy.


Since we know that Singapore and Malaysia checkpoints are very crowded and congested places, we decided to take a private taxi because it is the easiest and most convenient way. We found a company with good service quality and efficiency – SGMYTRIPS, is a taxi from singapore to JB (Johor Bahru) company.


They will pick us up at our home. If you don’t want to, you can choose a place and let the driver pick you up. No matter where you are, they can pick you up! After that, no matter where you want to go to any corner of Malaysia, they will send you to the door! Since we were going to Johor Bahru, they also sent us directly to the gate of our destination in Johor Bahru (Skyscape Johor Bahru). They are also private car to Legoland from Singapore, so you can book your trip with them too.


Their drivers are very friendly, and they will chat with us on the road to share interesting stories about Malaysia. Of course, if you need to rest, their drivers will not disturb you, and the whole journey is very relaxed. When we pass the checkpoint, we don’t need to get on and off and change cars. The driver will help us handle everything, which is really great! We really recommend this professional taxi company!