EFJ Consulting is a chartered certified accountancy, tax, and business advising firm that has won several awards. We offer expert and practical assistance with all elements of accounting and taxation.

Our main goal has always been to be our clients’ most trusted counsel. The cornerstone of our capacity to serve our clients is the quality of our service. We take pleasure in providing our clients with a reliable service. We seize every opportunity to increase your business efficiency and cut expenses because of our experience, integrity, and commitment to long-term relationships.

The company provides the following services: book-keeping and London; Annual Financial Accounts and Company Tax; Corporation Tax Return services; and Self-Assessment services.

Self-assessment tax returns

Both personal and company tax returns are dependent on self-assessment tax return. Taxation and accounting do not seem to be very important to most individuals. In addition to offering the best VAT returns in the UK, they have the most affordable accountants in Welling. It is an accounting firm that is well versed in all aspects of accounting. On the website, you can find a calculator for estimating taxes. It provides a preliminary estimate of how much tax the client is required to pay.

 Their growing company is effective at meeting the clients’ needs and offering them customised services at a low cost. They pride themselves on building relationships with their clients. The firm has grown organically, with most of our new clients being referred by existing clients.

 An award-winning company with a team of well-qualified accountants in Welling, they take pride in providing customers with reliable services. One of their most popular services is self-assessment tax returns. Since they have extensive experience, integrity, and a commitment to long-term relationships, they make use of every opportunity to increase your business’s efficiency and cut costs, allowing it to succeed. 

 Companies and taxpayers may visit the website for more information. They are a reliable Welling accountant firm. Clients and businesses may even schedule a free consultation for assistance with tax assessments and bookkeeping. If you have any questions or concerns about simple or complex accounting and tax issues, this call will assist you. They are the most experienced chartered certified accountants in Welling and Bexleyheath.

Corporation tax returns

A Company Tax Return is the financial information that most firms file with HMRC each year to report their income, losses, debts, and other issues. Every limited business in the United Kingdom is required to pay corporation tax on its income. It also applies to any international firm that has a branch in the United Kingdom.

Corporation tax requirements are extensive and complicated. You should not be concerned, however. We have a team of specialists that will assist you in preparing and filing your corporate tax returns. We thoroughly understand each firm in order to lawfully minimise tax liability.

First, the company must register with HMRC using its official forms so that HMRC is aware that it is due for corporation tax. It is critical to saving any communication from HMRC. If your firm is subject to corporation tax, you must pay it on the adjusted profit after subtracting allowed or disallowable expenditures.

The corporate tax return is due 12 months after the end of the fiscal year. Corporation tax is due to HMRC 9 months and 1 day after the end of the fiscal year. If the Corporation tax is not submitted or paid on time, interest and/or penalties may apply.

Their skilled accounting staff can help you prepare your company’s Annual Financial Accounts, Corporation Tax returns, and related tax calculations. We also offer guidance on corporate tax return preparation that may be beneficial to you and your business.

Their skilled accountants can help you prepare your company’s Annual Financial Accounts, Corporation Tax returns, and other related documents. A corporate tax return details its earnings and spending in order to determine how much tax it owes the UK government. In order to validate the data, we must additionally submit comprehensive accounts format when completing the corporate tax return. HMRC can also request a full breakdown of the statistics on Corporation tax inquiries and investigations. We also offer guidance on corporate tax return preparation that may be beneficial to you and your business.

Their Corporation Tax Return Services Include: The finest accountants in Bexleyheath provide the following self-assessment tax returns, accounting, and vat services.

Corporation tax planning and preparation

 The limited company corporation tax returns are calculated as follows:

  • Calculate your tax bill by taking advantage of any available reliefs, tax losses, and postponement chances.
  • Corporation tax return submission
  • Examine the corporation’s tax situation.
  • Inquiry and examination into corporate taxes
  • Communication with HMRC

The company delivers quality consulting and accounting services to its clients.