This comprehensive course combines adult, child, and infant CPR classes which goes over a multitude of safety skills. You will learn the necessary preparation skills for handling emergency situations for all ages. Learn the recommended number of rescue breaths when performing infant CPR, as well as if and when chest compressions are recommended.

When little ones’ lives are in danger, you can save the day with child or infant CPR. With infant CPR classes, you’ll know just how to react if a child or infant isn’t breathing or is otherwise unresponsive.

Choking is a common hazard for children and infants. These online infant CPR classes teach you what to do and how to do it calmly and without panic to ensure child or infant safety. You will also learn how to identify and remove potentially dangerous elements from a scene to reduce emergencies before they happen.

This infant CPR class also combines adult CPR and child CPR to prepare you for any emergency situation. Whether you wish to brush up on your infant CPR knowledge or looking to fill in your existing knowledge without taking weeks of infant CPR classes, you can accomplish our goals right here. With Simple CPR, you can get weeks’ worth of infant CPR classes in under two hours, at your own pace and at an affordable price.


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