Since the business industry tends to change pretty fast, it can be quite challenging to keep up with the latest marketing trends – especially if many working parts are needed to create successful digital marketing campaigns and strategies.


The COVID-19 pandemic has already transformed the operations of B2B and B2C companies worldwide, making people move towards the online realm to research, review, and buy. As such, this massive change has dramatically impacted digital marketing plus the role of digital marketers around the world.


To help our digital marketers and leaders to navigate this new landscape, we have consulted the assistance of one of the best professionals in the market – iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited.


As a prestigious Chinese independent marketing technology company, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited specialises in various business solutions such as smart retail, transforming data into insight, action, performance, and more.


iClick Interactive was launched with the goal of redefining the digital market through data, insights, and innovation when it was first established in 2009. iClick started out with a customised programmatic marketing technology that assisted businesses in navigating the huge and varied Chinese online market. The first of its kind in China, their patented marketing technology platform actually possesses omni-channel marketing capability. It boasts cross-channel and cross-screen capabilities and translates data into insight, action, and performance.


Moreover, iClick has also established an R&D centre in China to engage in advanced data mining and algorithmic technology development to empower its marketing solution capabilities. Hence, as a company that handles their digital marketing strategies with pride, here are a few trends to look out for in 2022.


Social Commerce Enhanced


Social media makes it easy to find services and products on online platforms. During the pandemic, brands started to flock onto every social media platform – Douyin, Wechat, and Little Red Book (Xiao Hong Shu) are a few main examples where business owners began to offer their customers online shop services instead of their usual traditional methods.


In a study posted by Accenture, it was stated that social commerce will reach $1.2 trillion globally in 2025 – a growth which is about three times faster than traditional eCommerce. The main focus here is for businesses to increase their representation on social media platforms, driving their business image through various forms of enhanced digital marketing.


The Boom of YouTube Advertisements


You may not have noticed, but YouTube advertisements are becoming increasingly prevalent. And it’s no wonder why – with over 1 billion active users, YouTube is a massive platform with immense potential for reach and engagement.


What’s more, YouTube ads are highly effective: a study by comScore found that viewers were twice as likely to remember a brand after seeing it in a YouTube ad, compared to other online video ads.


This clearly indicates that YouTube has created a vast scope for business growth. Plus, not all businesses have established their presence on YouTube and existing companies on this platform have a chance to obtain a competitive advantage over the others.