Sexology examines sexuality and sex in humans from a scientific and clinical viewpoint. Most of its attention is to help people work through their feelings, resolve romantic conflicts, and address sexual insecurities. Even though it’s a subspecialty, the area covers much more than providing care. When a patient is having sexual dysfunction owing to hormonal changes, a physician trained in sexology may be able to help.

sexologist in Chennai is a professional that has completed extensive training and education in the study of human sexuality. Researchers in this field study their clients’ sexual thoughts, emotions, and interactions to enrich their clients’ lives and assist them in resolving any resulting difficulties.

What is the role of a sex therapist?

Sex therapists are health practitioners who focus on sexual health and treatment. There are several paths one may take to become a sex therapist. Therapists in this field may be psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, family therapists, or registered nurses who have completed additional training in psychotherapy and have expertise in the areas of sexuality and sexual functioning and the dynamics of intimate relationships. To get over these and other obstacles, it’s best to see a qualified sex therapist who has experience with a wide range of issues.

When is the right time to consult a sexologist?

Here are a few additional benefits to your mental and bodily well-being from seeing a sexologist in Dehradun.

1. Healing from sexual abuse

A sex therapist may help those who have suffered sexual trauma, including rape or sexual assault, to begin the healing process. Before starting therapy, be sure your therapist has experience dealing with trauma.

2. Promoting a sexually positive mentality

It’s not always true that all sex therapists identify as sex-positive. A sexologist online consultation may be helpful for those who discover that their sexual worries, such as shame about their impulses, may originate from sex-negative attitudes. Clinicians have the opportunity to widen and challenge patients’ narrow and sometimes harmful conceptions of the body and sexuality.

3. Dealing with orgasmic problems

Media portrayals of sexuality influence the public’s conception of an orgasmic experience. Those not among the 18% of vagina owners who must resort to vaginal penetration to reach climax are socialised to believe that PIV intercourse is the preferred method. Clients may be more successful in overcoming self-limiting beliefs after being taught how their bodies react to sexual stimulation.

4. Fixing a sexual attraction mismatch

A sexologist online consultation may help couples resolve their disagreements over sexual intimacy issues, such as whether and how often to engage in sexual activity. A sex therapist’s role may extend to that of a mediator, keeping conversations between partners focused and on topic.

5. Helping to alleviate uncomfortable sex 

Sex therapists are prohibited from physically examining their patients to diagnose a sexual health issue. This is the kind of thing best handled by a gynaecologist or urologist. Sex therapy is an option for those whose problems in sexual situations stem from their own emotional or psychological reactions. Physical therapists, gynaecologists, and urologists may work with sex therapists to address pelvic floor issues.

6. Issues a Sexologist Address

Therapists specialising in sex issues are trained to help clients improve their sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction. Regarding sexuality, sex therapy is more concerned with the mind than the body. The sexologist in Chennai will be able to identify and treat any underlying medical conditions causing sexual unhappiness. Medical interventions exist for both sexes to address premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Patients may find relief from their bodily symptoms and a renewed sense of sexual satisfaction via sexual therapy.


Sexuality has been studied for hundreds of years, and its various facets have always captivated humans, as seen by the existence of several ancient sex books. Sexology is interdisciplinary; sexologists draw on the expertise of psychologists, medical physicians, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, and epidemiologists. If you’re having sexual difficulties, it’s recommended that you see a top sexologist via Livlong.