The online assessment system is gaining popularity over the past few years owing to the rising adoption of e-learning and increasing digitization. However, several institutes are yet not sure about which one is better for them. Here’s a comparison between the both, and then you can make a decision yourself.

Advantages of Online Exams

Easy Data Management-

The online assessment system enables easy management of student data. It enables the institute to collect data from various sources such as student performance, evaluation reports, personal details, and others, and store them in the cloud system. It enables easy search and retrieval of information. 

Online Proctoring-

The online proctoring system enables anti-cheating technology in the software and monitors students in run-time. It makes use of students’ cameras to take frequent snapshots of their activities during the exam. It helps to maintain the integrity of the institute.

Student Authentication-

The online examination system enables student authentication while filling out the form for online examination. Further, it ensures that the student is not impersonating or there are no inanimate objects or books while they are attempting the exam for high security.


The online assessment system enables the institutes to offer e-learning courses and programs in the institute and offer education to students who are located in remote locations. The system benefits the students who wish to learn but cannot due to financial and physical obstructions.

Run-time Monitoring-

The online assessment system offers run-time monitoring of the students and helps to avoid cheating and other such malpractices that might take place in the institute.

Reduced Workload-

The online examination system reduces faculty workload to a large extent by automating and digitizing the entire task of examination. The software enables easy data management, question paper setting, and automated evaluation of student performance just within seconds.

Disadvantages of Online Exams

Requirement of the Internet-

The ERP campus solution requires the students to have their internet connection at the place where they are attempting the exam. Further, they should also have a laptop or mobile on which they can read questions and give answers.

Technical Issues-

When students are using electronic equipment and the internet, there is a constant risk of technical issues, internet issues, network problems, questions, and others and there would be no technical support for the student. However, this problem can be solved with the help of the online chat option during the online exam.

Advantages of Offline Exams

No Need for Equipment-

Offline exams are traditional methods where the students do not need any equipment and the exams are conducted in the classroom using pen and paper. The major advantage of offline exams is that all the teachers and students are familiar with them over the past several years.

Disadvantages of Offline Exams

High Faculty Workload-

In the method of conducting an offline examination, the teachers have to conduct several tasks and activities such as creating question papers, printing, checking all the answers written by students, invigilation during exams, and others. These tasks require huge manpower and consistent efforts to deliver the reports on time.

High Storage Space-

As the exams are written on paper, the teachers have to collect all these papers and keep them safely in a place that is not accessible to the students and any third party who can change answers or try to steal the papers. There is a major risk to data security.

Pen and Paper Based System-

The offline examination system makes use of pen and paper to conduct exams. The students are required to write on answer sheets, and question papers are printed as well.

Online Vs Offline: which is better?

The online assessment system is way more reliable and secure than the offline method due to high security, reduced faculty workload, report generation within a few seconds in required formats, easy communication with the teachers, and several other reasons.


Even though the offline method is followed in the institute for years,  the online assessment system is way more accurate and efficient in conducting student examinations. Further, it conducts exams for a high concurrency of students and hence reduces the institute’s cost of operations.