Packing industry demands highest standards of quality control and consumer Safety. Manufacturer needs to make sure bottle and container caps are threaded or screwed properly to ensure containers are properly closed. They also need to ensure bottles or container won’t get damaged during shipment as it directly raises question on product quality, business integrity, customer satisfaction and safety. The bottle cap is one of the major components that play a major role in determining the quality of the bottle; here, it is important for PET bottle manufacturers to conduct quality test on the bottle caps. One of the crucial tests that will be conducted on bottle caps is the torque test.

Bottle Cap Torque test can be conducted with the help of a torque testing digital model designed by the experts at Presto. This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that helps to measure the torque needed to open the closed bottle cap. The Presto torque tester is a highly useful lab testing instrument that is used in the PET bottle industry to measure the opening and closing torque of the PET bottles with ease.

Presto Torque Tester Digital Model

The Presto torque tester helps to measure the force or torque required to open the closed bottle cap of a PET bottle. The torque value is displayed in digital format. The digital display will provide a high end read out with Auto Tare (ZERO) facility along with peak hold measurement.

To perform the test operator, need to place the sample between the anti-slip holders/pegs, these anti slip holders ensure the strong holding of the test sample. With its in-house calibration facility and highly accurate torque tester, operator can easily get precise test results. The sample reading will be seen in a digital readout and operator can easily save 9 sample readings in this high-quality laboratory testing instrument.

Product Specification

  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 lb-Inch (with master weight)
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1 lb-inch
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Display: Digital (LED) 7 segment display
  • Torque Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with Digital readout
  • and peak hold feature
  • Minimum Diameter for specimen holding: 30 mm
  • Maximum Diameter for specimen holding: 110 mm
  • Weights for Calibration: 10 lbs, 20 lbs (optional parts)

Product Features

  • Strong clamping pegs/holders for zero slip gripping support
  • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability
  • In-house calibration facility
  • Precise measurement of torque
  • Adjustable clamping mechanism to hold the different sizes of bottles
  • A highly accurate torque sensor
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Provision to hold peak value in memory
  • 9 Sample readings can be saved on the digital readout
  • Data output in digital display form
  • Safety lock pin to eliminate extra force on the Torque sensor
  • A sample reading can be seen on – a digital readout


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