We offer the perfect entertainer for hiring in the Melbourne area, whatever kind of event you’re throwing. We can match practically any theme party with the ideal character entertainment, whether it’s a gathering for boys, girls, mixed-gender children, or preschoolers. No matter what, we never skimp on professionalism or quality. Because of this, we are the leaders in the country for party entertainment hire, not only in Melbourne.

You may think of any letter in the alphabet, and we have a character performer whose name begins with that letter. For your event, our incredible close-up magician will contribute to making it special and enjoyable. Our magician Melbourne is a fantastic icebreaker for visitors and a perfect way to keep everyone interested with his mind-blowing close-up magic laced with humor. They can also perform in any event including weddings, business events, festivals, and parties, so you can expect them to be professional and fun.

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In a classy back room, the lights are low as you take a seat. The scene is set, the atmosphere is laid-back, and the visitors are prepared to see the impossibility. Your host will rock, as he is a local contemporary magician who combines mind reading and illusion to create a theatrical magic show unlike any other.

Although probably not this close, you’ve seen magicians before we establish rapport with our little audience of spectators along the road, and with the help of their faultless magic, even the most ardent skeptics become believers.