Many people are likely to have heard of acai berries. Their source is acai palm trees. Their height? They grow up to 25 feet. This round fruit has a skin of deep purple color. The color of the flesh is yellow. Folks climb the trees and harvest the fruit by hand. Brazil ranks first for countries in terms of forest cover. The country holds 2/3rd of the Amazon Rainforest. Acai is naturally occurring in this region. It’s been a principal food for people in this region. What are its characteristics? A delicate sweetness and a bitter taste on the lines of pomegranate. Acai has been very popular for a long time of thousands of years. It has been used for medicinal reasons by early Amazonian people. More recently, people have highly regarded acai as a source of energy.

The antioxidant content is this fruit exceeds blueberries. Besides, it contains fiber, protein, and beneficial Essential fatty acids.

Some research indicates that everyday ORAC intake of between 3000 and 5000 units can have a noteworthy effect on the human body.

This fruit is popular for its several dietary benefits.

Dietary benefits of acai

Among the health benefit of acai are good colon health and digestion, a healthy heart, good bone density, and good immunity.

The fruit is renowned for enormously high antioxidant levels, including anthocyanins, polyphenols, and flavonoids. All foods with high antioxidant content help increase the secretory immune response and thus promote a healthy immune system.

The Acai fruit is rich in anthocyanins, which can lessen oxidative stress and inflammation and thus promote brain function.

It’s believed that the fruit’s anthocyanin compounds significantly impact the cardiovascular system. They offer the body protection and promote healthy cholesterol and triglycerides balance.

The fruit has monounsaturated oleic acid as fat. It plays the role of an anti-inflammatory and lessens the possibility of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Moreover, the fiber and anthocyanin in this fruit relieve stress and reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

They have low sugar content and thus can help burn fat with a workout.

Consumption of acai berries

A very brief shelf life characterizes these berries. It explains the absence of these berries on the racks at local grocery stores. Fresh acai is unavailable for sale in places other than the regions where they grow. People not residents of South America, can purchase this fruit as a juice, frozen puree, pulp, and desiccated powder.

Many natural health stores have a few forms of acai supplements. They are a great place to buy acai berry Vancouver supplements.

A great acai supplement

Acai berry powder is a product of Organic Traditions. The source of this supplement is freeze dried acai berries. This product is without flavors, fillers, maltodextrin, and supplementary sweeteners. Consuming this powder is very easy.

People can easily mix the powder in water, smoothies, juice, desserts, cereal, yogurt, etc.

This acai berry freeze dried powder is a fiber resource, provides antioxidant and Immune System support, and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

This acai supplement is available on the natural health store

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