On-demand healthcare application is progressively becoming an essential part of the industry. Therefore, developing any on-demand domain app is going to be beneficial for organizations. However, one domain that can genuinely be useful is Doctor on-demand app development. 

We need to think of a scenario in order to comprehend the utility of the on-demand doctor mobile app. The situation would be that you arrive at your office for a crucial meeting with all the preparations made for a fruitful talk with your partners and coworkers, but all of a sudden, you have a terrible headache. Now that you’ve worked so hard to prepare for this meeting, you’re at a crossroads between going or seeing a doctor to get your headache looked at.

In these situations, you have a very small window of time to make judgments, and you frequently make bad choices out of a surge of adrenaline that has an impact on both your health and your job. But in recent times, e-prescription or doctor-on-demand apps were introduced to help millions of individuals worldwide avoid becoming trapped in this predicament. These apps have offered an immediate solution to health-related issues. To speak with a doctor directly online, patients can use “doctor on-demand” apps and dial their preferred doctor’s number.

In this blog, we are going to cover the perks and costs of developing an on-demand doctor app. 

What is On-demand Doctor App Development?

The term “doctor on demand” refers to internet doctor consultations.

The ease of scheduling a medical appointment ahead of time online is provided by on-demand doctor booking applications. It is one of the easiest methods to get medical advice without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Building an On-demand Doctor App 

The top five factors that make doctor-on-demand applications popular and widely accepted in the expansive healthcare sector are listed below. For greater comprehension, allow me to go into depth about each topic.

Easily accessible

The wonderful thing about the digital age is how simply available and accessible everything is. Similar to how doctor-on-demand mobile application development makes consultations convenient for both patients and physicians. Consider the possibility that a patient may communicate with the doctor via a video call function or by exchanging reports on an application. The doctor may readily access the patient’s emergency needs while also using the same tool to provide medications online.

No paperwork

The finest aspect of on-demand medical apps is that patient histories don’t need to be kept in separate files or paperwork. The cloud is used for all of the storage. Due to the fact that all data is stored online within the app itself, the doctor should not worry about earlier data.

The prescription and other information are maintained in the application in digital form, so the patient does not need to bring them with them. Consequently, it reduces paperwork. We suggest using an on-demand doctor app if you want to conserve trees.

Competitive advantage 

Going digital is a need in today’s digital age. Every firm faces intense competition. It is necessary to have a competitive edge in order to stay ahead of the competition. Having an on-demand doctor application is one of the finest benefits for doctors to keep current and linked to the demands of the digital era.

Increased revenue 

Let us give you an example of a recent epidemic. Patients with moderate illnesses or problems other than the new virus were now terrified to attend the hospital because every facility had corona patients hospitalized. Patients were concerned about becoming sick. However, physicians who provided online consultations using mobile applications made good money.

Therefore, becoming digital for your clinic or hospital with the aid of mobile application development may help you increase your annual or total income.

Saves time

The fact that it saves both the patient and the doctor time is the main advantage of on-demand doctor application development. The patient can cut back on gasoline and transportation costs. Patients gain from being able to consult from home. On the other hand, patients who are short on time can readily consult online as an alternative to delaying the appointment.

A doctor-on-demand appointment scheduling software enables doctors to continue their consultations while traveling and taking vacations. Not only does it save them time, but it also enables them to keep working on their vacation or holiday.

Reasonable services 

All expenditures related to ER trips and hospital admissions instantly decrease as these healthcare services are extremely practical and readily available to the public in real-time. These telehealth options have greatly reduced the complexity of these procedures.

Tips to know before investing in an on-demand doctor app development

Before investing in the creation of the on-demand doctor application, there are a few things to consider. Since having the proper application alone won’t let you obtain your health services in the specialized or niche market.

  • Talk to your patients and let them know you’re considering going digital.
  • Determine the intended audience (specialized healthcare market for providing your consulting service).
  • Improve your knowledge about digital marketing.
  • Do you have a website? If not, set up a company page so people can check your details online.
  • Find out about the top on-demand medical applications. Review the features and requirements.
  • Find the best on-demand application development company by doing some research. Request that the greatest on-demand doctor app solutions be created based on your unique recommendations.
  • For the best mobile application development, talk about the features of the doctor application.
  • Compare the price of developing your application for different technology platforms like React Native, Flutter app development, or PhoneGap.
  • Make sure you create the application for both iOS and Android users before beginning. The two most widely used operating systems for smartphones are iOS and Android.

The top doctor on-demand apps

All of the applications listed here are accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones. To assist you in viewing the UI and images, we have included the application’s Android URLs. By clicking on the same URL, you can also download the app.

  • Doctor On Demand Inc. 
  • Health Tap 
  • Medici: Online Consult by Doc: Message & Connect with Patients 
  • Practo 
  • Lybrate 
  • 1mg

Technologies to integrate into an on-demand doctors’ application

Technology is continually evolving. Your next iOS or Android on-demand medical application has to be updated due to the growth and evolution of technology. For the development of a successful mobile application in 2023 and beyond, the following technological components must be incorporated.

  • Learning Machines
  • Machine intelligence
  • Voice Assistant 
  • Digital Wallet 
  • Video Calling

Artificial intelligence is referred to as machine learning. One of the key components of on-demand booking apps and eCommerce is AI. Blockchain technology may also be used to describe digital wallets. It is one of the most important components of marketing and eCommerce software. The ability to use video calling is crucial for allowing patients to communicate their concerns and consult with doctors online. Other crucial capabilities include downloading and exchanging prescriptions, sharing images, sending audio messages, and chatting.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand doctor app?

Only the features you are willing to include in the application will determine how much it will cost to design an on-demand doctor application. The elements listed above are the best for enhancing the success and engagement of your doctor-on-demand application.

The price would be roughly USD 40.000 dollars if you agree to have an iOS application or an Android application developed for your future on-demand doctor app with the aforementioned capabilities.

How DianApps help you with on-demand app development?

A group of application development services may be found at DianApps. For your prospective doctor’s on-demand app development needs, we assist you in obtaining every form of app development solution. Our developers have years of experience using a variety of app development platforms to create dynamic, lively applications.

Using our react-native or flutter app development talents, we assist you in getting the greatest cross-platform on-demand doctor app, whether it be for iOS or Android. We make sure you receive the greatest app possible in a timely and affordable manner.

Why hire developers from DianApps?

The greatest choice for creating an application for on-demand doctors is to hire developers. We wouldn’t advocate using freelancing platforms for our esteemed clients or consumers. As was already said, technology plays a crucial role in the integration of apps. In order to manage your online healthcare firm, we at DianAppsassist you in finding the right application.


You now have new options to build your app and receive the best return on investment because of the rising reliance on on-demand applications and the significant improvement in the healthcare industry. In 2023, telemedicine will undoubtedly be used more often and better health services will be available in the comfort of the home. And now that you have all the information you need and an estimate of the cost of developing the app, it’s time for you to launch the app and start making a difference with the help of a mobile app development company you can get your on-demand doctor app today with tremendous results. 

Article Source: https://medium.com/@DianApps/perks-and-costs-of-developing-a-doctor-on-demand-healthcare-app-8abecafee213