The use of Custom Bottle Neckers for brand and product promotion by businesses has grown in popularity in recent years. 

Bottle neckers are little paper or cardboard strips wrapped around a bottle’s neck as a form of advertising.  They are an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes because they are a low-cost and efficient way to reach customers and raise brand awareness.

Custom bottle neckers: What are they?

Small strips of paper or cardboard printed with a company’s logo, slogan, or promotional offer are known as custom bottle neckers. 

They are composed of a sturdy, water-resistant material and are intended to fit around the neck of a bottle to ensure their continued usability. 

Any information, from a straightforward logo to a thorough description of a good or service, can be added to these neckers to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Advantages of Custom Bottle Neckers

Custom bottle neckers give a very focused and economical marketing option, one of its key advantages. 

Custom neckers are intended to reach people who are currently using or interested in a specific product, unlike other types of advertising. 

This increases the likelihood that a marketing effort will be effective since businesses may tailor their message to a receptive audience.

Custom bottle neckers also have the advantage of being very adaptable. They can be employed in many places, including pubs, eateries, shops, and even homes. 

Therefore, they are a fantastic choice for companies wishing to connect with a variety of clients in various settings. Custom bottle neckers are an excellent option for companies with tight budgets because they are also very affordable. 

Custom neckers are an excellent investment for companies trying to advertise their brand and attract new customers because they can be created in huge quantities for a reasonable price, unlike other forms of advertising.

Making Personalised Bottle Neckers

To ensure that bespoke bottle neckers are effective, it’s crucial to consider a few essential factors. 

First, the design should be straightforward but attractive, with a clear and brief message. 

The company’s logo and other pertinent contact details, like a website or phone number, should also be included in the design.

The size and style of the necker are also crucial considerations when creating custom bottle neckers. 

The necker should be large enough to be visible but not so big that it blocks the label on the bottle or becomes unwieldy. 

The necker’s shape should also be considered because some conditions are more striking than others.

Last but not least, the custom bottle neckers’ construction material should be considered. 

The necker should be constructed from a robust and water-resistant material that will endure over time, even when handled roughly or exposed to dampness.

Why Buy Personalised Bottle Neckers?

The adaptability of custom bottle neckers is one of their key advantages. 

They can serve some functions, including brand promotion, product or service promotion, and giveaways at events and trade exhibits. 

Custom bottle neckers are also an affordable approach to reaching a broad audience. 

They can be used repeatedly and don’t require a significant expenditure like traditional advertising techniques.

How to Create Custom Bottle Neckers

Your target market should be considered when creating your Personalised bottle Neckers

You should pick a theme that appeals to them and adequately conveys your business

On the bottle necker, consider using the colours, logo, and messaging of your brand. This will increase brand exposure and recognition.


Paper, plastic, and silicone are just a few materials that may be used to create custom bottle neckers. Think about the surroundings and intended purpose before selecting a material. 

For instance, silicone may be preferable because it is waterproof if you intend to utilise the bottle neckers in a moist area.

Printing Choices

Custom bottle neckers can be printed in various ways, including digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing. 

The amount required, the design, and your financial situation will influence your selected printing process.

Promoting Using Custom Bottle Neckers:

Custom bottle neckers are a fantastic way to market your company’s name and goods. 

You could include a complimentary bottle necker with every purchase or have them into a marketing effort. 

You may also utilise personalised bottle neckers to promote repeat business by giving consumers who return the necker back to your establishment a discount or special deal.


Custom bottle neckers are a powerful and adaptable marketing tool that companies of all sizes can use to promote their brands and attract new clients. 

They are an excellent investment for companies trying to build their brand and attract new clients since they provide a practical solution tailored to suit each business’s requirements. 

Custom bottle neckers are a helpful tool that can assist you in achieving your marketing objectives, whether you are a tiny start-up or a major multinational organisation.