In building a great customer experience, personalization is compulsory. Customized SMS messaging lets you create personalized conversations that will lead to measurable outcomes for your real estate business. 

SMS marketing for real estate can aid in nurturing an attentive and personal association that can develop trust, which is the base of closing a successful real estate deal. 

According to NAR, 92% of real estate agents prefer communicating with their clients by SMS. Their second report discovered that 62% of clients preferred to communicate by text messages. 

Because most people keep their smartphones close by, personalized real estate SMS marketing is an exceptional approach to staying at the forefront of your buyers and sellers minds.

How Does Real Estate SMS Marketing Work?

SMS marketing requires interested clients and prospects to choose to receive messages from particular real estate brokers. Though acquiring permission to send messages is demanded by law, it also assists realtors in creating a strong and engaged subscriber list from scratch. 

After all, property sellers and buyers are requesting marketing texts to aid them in accomplishing their real estate goals. It entails using texts to send news, updates, campaigns, promotions, and other related communications to leads, clients, and prospects. 

The vital thing to know about targeted SMS messaging is that it lets you send only short messages. These messages should be straight to the point. MMS lets you send messages with videos and images. 

Realtors can effortlessly send an identical message to hundreds of clients. They can also include an element of customization and automation. You can use SMS marketing to announce modifications to your policies, new homes for sale, or special deals.

What Are The Perks Of Real Estate SMS Marketing?

Taking advantage of SMS marketing for real estate will lead to countless advantages for your business. Here are a few benefits of real estate SMS marketing:

  • Personalization

You can easily customize text messages to establish a connection with your clients. That, in turn, boosts their probability of purchasing a property from you.

  • Automation

You can automate several aspects of test messages. SMS automation for real estate can save you a lot of time and help you meet the expectations of your clients concerning response time.

  • Easily Accessible Information

When you send information to a client by text message, they will know where to discover it later. This is excellent for links to appointment reminders or listings.

  • Less Risk Of Spam

Compared to email marketing, there is less risk in SMS marketing that your text will land in the spam folder.

Versatile SMS Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Here are some of the most effective real estate SMS marketing strategies to help you get rolling.

  • Update Clients On Listings

Realtors must stay in touch with their audience to get leads. They send property information, print barouches, and update their social media account daily. 

With real estate SMS marketing, you can easily keep interested clients informed. Type your message and send it in bulk. Moreover, you can reach a bigger audience since not everyone uses Facebook or check their email daily.

  • Get Contact Details

Mostly, real estate prospects’ contact details get lost. With SMS marketing, you can avoid that. Request those interested in getting messages to send their contact details, like name, city, budget, email address, and details about the property they are seeking.  

  • Follow-Up With Customers

Real estate brokers most likely know the significance of great timing regarding real estate SMS follow-up. A late reply can lead to lost customers. 

Many brokers choose text messaging to follow up on customer communication to prevent that.   

  • Arrange Meetings With Property Purchasers

You can arrange meetings through email, in person, or by phone. However, you can also do it by text messages. It is easy and fast. Also, you can send follow-ups so they don’t forget about the appointment.   


Text messages are a powerful tool for realtors to connect with clients, set up and remind them of meetings, and capture leads. They are an affordable approach to sending information to a long list of prospects. 

They feel more personal, and you can anticipate a bigger response rate than emails. You can greatly advantage your real estate business by contacting Scraping Home.