The world is rapidly industrialising at the turn of the twentieth century. Businesses are becoming increasingly larger and more complex, with more employees working in diverse divisions across a broader geographical spectrum.

Business administration is concerned with various aspects of business management. A PhD in Business Administration prepares students for careers in marketing, education, finance, sales, and government. Business administrators carry out their department’s or organisation’s goals, policies, and procedures. They are also in charge of product development and service delivery. Students pursuing business administration courses learn the fundamentals of business administration and management.

PhD Program in Business Administration Details

PhD Program in Business Administration is a research-based course of 3-5 years. The course aims to create people with a highly skilled analytical understanding of business principles. It deals with new methodologies in Key Performance Indicators, Management, and Quantitative and Qualitative techniques.

The course’s main objectives are to bring principles of scientific methodology in business inquiry, development of analytical skills, and research in business. There is also a focus on understanding and improving measurement, scaling, and sampling methods which are the core tools of business.

The eligibility criteria for a PhD in Business Administration is an MPhil, a postgraduate degree in any discipline with an aggregate of 55% marks and above, and work experience as a teacher or professional at a higher level for a minimum of 5 years.

Is a PhD in Business Administration a Good Course?

Knowledge has become the most valuable resource in today’s age of data and information. Companies don’t inherently need more general managers who can analyse broad patterns across multiple industries; they need people with deep domain expertise who can evaluate data and generate valuable insights that lead to improved business decisions. As a result, Ph.D. in Business Administration holders are becoming more valuable in today’s workplace.

PhD Program in Business Administration is a professional degree representing the highest management qualification. Students will spend up to two years learning academic literature across multiple domains and another two years designing and implementing an original research project: a dissertation on one domain. The prime objective of a PhD in Business Administration is to generate scholarly individuals with extensive management knowledge.

Why Study PhD in Business Administration?

  • India is a vast nation with numerous new businesses sprouting up. Foreign firms are also finding a home in India. As a result, candidates with a Ph.D. in Business Administration have a bright future.
  • Recent GST, export laws, taxation reforms, the Make in India movement, and the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission have boosted the need for highly trained professionals to take on leadership roles.
  • PhD students learn how to run an organisation more efficiently. They concentrate on improving business quality, lowering costs, creating job opportunities, increasing assets, decreasing liabilities, and so on. Overall, they learn how to steer the company forward.

PhD in Business Administration Scope

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration is the pinnacle of Business Administration education. India’s developments, ease of doing business, and tax policy changes have improved career opportunities in the infrastructure and financial domains.
  • As international companies establish themselves in India and domestic companies become more refined, there is a clear need for PhD students to fill high-level positions.
  • While a Ph.D. in Business Administration is the zenith of business education, a candidate can pursue other fields of study to gain valuable experience. Courses in International Markets, Securities, and Debt can be investigated to gain an advantage in interviews and job roles.
  • Working abroad is another excellent option for PhD students.
  • High-end jobs with good professional experience are an extremely high possibility with some initial hurdles and thus a large future scope for career growth.

PhD in Business Administration Syllabus

Ph.D. in Business Administration syllabus is usually the same across all universities and colleges. Let’s consider a prestigious university such as Mahindra University. Mahindra University PhD syllabus revolves around trending subjects such as Applied Econometrics, Business Analytics, Financial Management, HR and IT Management, Emerging Issues in Organizational Behavior, etc.

The Future of Business Administration

Graduates of business administration have a promising future. Numerous jobs can be obtained with a business administration course or degree. This is because productive and progressive administration is at the heart of any well-functioning, forward-thinking business. This role is at the core of ensuring the workflow is seamless and collaborative, something numerous businesses emphasise to boost effectiveness and bottom lines.