Do you want to make polished plaster walls in your home? Here is a guide by our experts to help you.


What are polished plaster wall?

Polished plaster is a decorative finish made of plaster that can be put on any surface. It makes a smooth, even decorative finish with a nice texture. The term polished plaster covers a wide range of decorative plasters. Each one is different in terms of where it came from, its color, its texture, and how it was made. Different types of plaster have different textures, ranging from very smooth and highly polished to rough and matte. They are very long-lasting and a luxurious choice for interior surfaces because they can be made to look unique and have depth and character.

Here are the top five things you need to know about using polished plaster in your home.


1. Hygienic & breathable surface

This means that the surface of the plaster lets moisture escape. This is perfect for rooms that get wet, like bathrooms and showers. Also, slaked lime is one of the most important parts of the plaster. Lime is very alkaline, which helps stop bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing in damp places and also keeps water from staying in the soil.


2. Waterproof

The smooth surface is naturally waterproof and very strong. You can also add a wax coating to polished plaster walls to protect them and make them look even better. This makes a waterproof seal that can’t be broken. For the best results, apply a touch-up coat every so often, which is easy to do.


3. Low in volatile organic compounds

A lot of natural things are used to make polished plaster. It has fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional plasters and paints. These are the by products of solvent-based building materials, like paint and plaster, that get into the air. Not only do they leave bad smells behind, but they are also known to hurt the health of your lungs. A natural beeswax coating is used as a sealant and to add shine. There is also a vegan sealant that doesn’t contain any animal products that can be used instead.


4. Accurately matching a variety of colors

Since the RAL color system can be used to match colors, there are almost an infinite number of colors to choose from. RAL is a color standard used in building and construction in Europe. Most commercial brands of paint have color charts that match RAL color codes.

This means you can match a paint color you really like. For example, a Farrow and Ball color can give your interior design project a unique feel. We have a variety of sample boards you can look at to help you decide which surface finish is best for you. Get in touch with us to learn more. Polished Plaster goes by a few different names.


Polished plaster is a general term for a lot of different types of plaster. Also, each of them has its own special qualities that come from where it came from and how it has been used over time. The most common types of Venetian plaster are Marmorino and Lucidato, which are made from crushed marble and lime putty. Micro-cement is an alternative to polished plaster that can be used in many ways and is waterproof. Micro-cement is a coating made of cement that can be put on a variety of surfaces.