With Christmas just around the corner, many people will begin the difficult task of finding those thoughtful and personal gifts for their loved ones. Even if you have time, finding the perfect gift can get pretty stressful, and most people really want to find a gift that the recipient will love, not just another mediocre gift that will be forgotten. Pencil portraits from photographs are a very popular choice for Christmas gifts and this year they seem to be more in demand than ever. Below are some of the main reasons why pencil portraits are so popular at Christmas.

Pencil portraits from photographs

Pencil portraits from photos are truly personal gifts and give you a chance to enjoy your favorite photos in a new way. Each pencil portrait is hand drawn by a professional portrait artist from the photograph of your choice. The portrait can be an animal portrait, a child portrait, or a group portrait, depending on the recipient’s personality. For a spouse you might find that a portrait of the two of you makes a stunning piece of art, if you have a much loved pet you are sure to love an eye-catching pencil portrait of the animal to enjoy every day.

Portraits from photos are a wonderful way to remember those Portrait zeichnen lassen special times in someone’s life and look beautifully mounted, framed and placed on the wall to be admired and cherished every day. The pencil portraits are drawn with great detail that gives the artwork a lifelike look, not just a sketch.

You can be sure that a pencil portrait will not be received and then forgotten, like so many gifts after Christmas. On many occasions I have realized that a gift I gave to a loved one was set aside and has hardly been used since. It is good to know that this will not be the case with a portrait. Many people buy family portraits as an investment, as a gift to pass on to the children and their children, a beautiful idea and a glimpse of the lasting joy a portrait can bring.

Portraits are also a great idea as a surprise gift, since the portraits are drawn from photographs from your photo and can be sent electronically to the portrait artist, you don’t have to worry about sitting still for hours worrying that you won’t like it Result.

When you see the stunning results in your hands, I’m sure you’ll understand how wonderful pencil portraits from photographs are. Make sure you choose a professional and experienced portrait artist who will finish the artwork with the level of detail you desire. Portraits are very popular and many portrait artists fill up very quickly in the months leading up to Christmas so make sure you order well in advance to ensure you receive your beautiful artwork on time.

5 steps to choosing a portrait artist

Finding a portrait artist online is easy, but finding the right portrait artist for your needs can be difficult. This article will give you an idea of what to look for in a portrait artist. These 5 steps will help you make the right decision.

  • A Google search for “hand drawn portraits” is a good place to start. Once you have the search results, click on a few websites and start browsing each portrait artist’s drawing style.
  • Look out for the art gallery. Artists post their gallery to give you a taste of their work. A good portrait artist has a large collection of portrait art to look at. Hand drawn portraits should include a selection of men, women, children, couples and families at all stages of life. Check out the samples and see if there is a portrait in the gallery that has the feel you want for your hand drawn portrait . Some portrait artists publish original photographs as opposed to drawn portraits, while others do not. If they don’t show original photos, look for celebrity drawings and decide for yourself whether there’s a resemblance or not.


  • Check the Order or FAQ page for what the artist needs to complete a portrait. Most portrait artists want a crisp, close-up photo to draw from. Find out if the artist will combine separate photos if you wish. Some portrait artists don’t alter clothing or hair, so look for that kind of information.
  • You can find artists drawing for a relatively low price. Consider whether you are looking for a sketch or a detail. Again, the gallery can give you a good idea of what you’ll be getting. You can see the difference between a $65 sketch that took 3 to 4 hours and a $400 drawing that took 50 hours. You can find inexpensive portraits in the $200-$300 range. This can include a detailed 11″ x 14″ head and shoulders portrait of a person.
  • Inquire what the artist charges extra as this can vary from artist to artist. Most portrait artists give free estimates.
  • Before you buy, ask about the artist guarantee. Find out if the artist guarantees their work and what kind of refund you can get if you’re not satisfied. Some artists have non-refundable deposits that cover their time and materials. Most portrait artists will email you a preview of the drawn portrait for your Bild zeichnen lassen Be careful if the portrait artist doesn’t offer this.

Communication is the best tip for hiring a portrait artist. Stay in touch with a portrait artist to work out every detail before committing to purchasing a drawn portrait.