The Powertrac Euro 50 Next tractor is a robust and versatile tractor designed to meet the demands of modern farming operations. This tractor model comes with a range of advanced features that enhance performance, productivity, and efficiency.

The powertrac euro 50 next new model 2020 tractor stands as a reliable and powerful tractor, offering a range of impressive specifications. From its efficient engine and smooth transmission to its robust hydraulics and ergonomic design. It can perform such as plowing, tilling, planting, or transporting.

Here we mentioned some important key features of the Powertrac Euro 50 Next-


The Powertrac Euro 50 Next is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. It comes with a capacity of 2932 and offers a maximum power output of 52 horsepower. This reliable engine ensures optimum performance across various farming tasks.


The tractor features a smooth and efficient transmission system. It has a constant mesh gearbox that offers 12 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, enabling seamless gear shifts and precise control. The transmission ensures versatility in various farming applications and ease of operation for the tractor operator. It also comes with a side shift gear position.


The Powertrac Euro 50 Next tractor is equipped with a power take-off system that delivers power to a wide range of implements. It provides a standard PTO speed of 540 RPM and enables efficient operation of implements such as rotary tillers, seed drills, and threshers. The PTO system ensures increased productivity and versatility on the field.


The tractor’s hydraulic system is designed for optimal performance and efficiency. It offers a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kilograms and can handle easy attachment and operation of heavy implements. It has the Sensi 1, ADDC controls for better accuracy during tasks.

Steering and Brakes:

The Powertrac Euro 50 Next tractor features power steering, ensuring effortless maneuverability and reduced operator fatigue. The responsive steering system allows for easy turning and maneuvering in tight spaces. This tractor is equipped with OIB reliable brakes that ensure effective stopping power and enhanced safety during operation.