If you’ve read any of our earlier blogs on our website, you’ll note how much we value Particle Board’s adaptability and versatility. We’re not lying when we say we drool over our European Quality Particle Board because it’s something we see and experience on a daily basis. Customers are continuously producing innovative products with our Plain and Pre-laminated Particle Board, to the point where it’s almost unsurprising when the next customer uses Action Tesa’s Pre-laminated Particle Boards to build something genuinely amazing.

About Action Tesa’s Plain and Pre laminated Particle Board

Action Tesa is the leading Pre laminated particle board manufacturers in India and the brand has earned this position by manufacturing and delivering Best-in-Class Particle Boards to the market. We put up this guide to highlight some of the techniques that go behind in the making of the perfectly homogeneous, balanced, strong panelled particle board with a good screw holding capacity. Another vital aim behind this blog is to inspire creativity and to demonstrate what all can be achieved with Action Tesa’s Plain and Prelaminated Particle Board.

1) DOME Technology – The technology ensures dimensional stability, higher internal bond and lower moisture absorption.

2) MAIER – A technique that converts logs into chips with of desired dimensions.

3) MEC Dryer – This specialised drying system ensures even moisture distribution. The highly specialised drying system when coupled with Action Tesa’s in-house glue offers the final product that is structurally stable and reliable for years to come.

4) The German “Classi Form Chip Grading” system – The system ensures a uniform grading of wood chip grading for a balanced construction outer surface that further ensures better screw holding capacity.

5) 12 Day Light Multi-Opening Press – 12 Boards in a single press coinciding ensures uniform pressure and temperature.

6) 6 Cylindered Press – The exceptional 6 Cylindered Press certifies perfect pressure and temperature evenly across the length and breadth of every mat.

7) 8 Head Sanding – The first 8 Heading Sanding system in the country ensures an ultra-smooth surface ideal for cold and hot forming paint and polish ready surface ideal for lamination in short cycle press and also pasting.

8) 12-cylinder Short Cycle Press – The first short cycle press with 12 cylinders in the country ensures perfect edge to edge lamination without and change of delamination or lamination defect.

Applications of Action Tesa’s Plain and Pre-laminated Particle Board

Some of the particle board applications are cabinets, shelves, home accents, office furniture, speaker boxes etc. Basically, if you need to build something that is lightweight & has strength along with aesthetics, Action Tesa’s Pre-Laminated Particle Board is probably the best choice. Its great density and strong bonding provide much of its strength, and it has acquired a reputation for being consistent and reliable.

Action Tesa’s Pre-Laminated Particle Board takes a smooth MF impregnated solid or decorative colour paper that is laminated on the surface of particle board with uniform density and porosity. One side lamination and both side lamination variants are available in both Exterior and interior grade pre-laminated particle boards. Besides, more than 96 shades are available in pre-laminated particle boards in thickness ranging from 9 mm to 25 mm and in standard board size of 9 ft * 6 ft, 8ft * 4ft and 8 ft * 6 ft. Workstations, internal cabinetry and drawers in particular benefit from these attributes.

To top it off, Action Tesa, the leading Pre laminated particle board manufacturers in India, takes pride in saying that our plain and pre-laminated Particle Boards are not only long-lasting but are eco-friendly as well, which is the best choice if you’re constructing a home without any guilt of harming Mother Nature.

We hope that by displaying some of the features, qualities and applications of our plain and pre-laminated particle board, we’ve ignited some Particle Board creativity in you. If you’re eager to get your hands on Tesa Pre-laminated Particle Boards then you must visit our online store to see and buy the entire collection. If you want more information on our particle boards, check out our blogs