Lighter is more than just an igniting device. Lighters are available in the market in different packaging boxes.

Nowadays, brands are using custom lighter boxes to house lighters in a safe and creative way.

Custom lighter boxes are attractive in look and add a tint of luster to the product.

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, they afford protection to lighter from getting damaged.

Aesthetic appeal and paper quality owing to the quality and safety of this packaging.

So, have you ever wondered what printing processes and paper qualities are involved to make this packaging show-stopping and sales-winning?

This blog dives deep into comprehensive detail about the paper types and printing techniques used in the manufacturing process.


1-Paper types used in crafting custom lighter boxes:

On the industrial level, the following types of paper are used in the manufacturing process of personalized lighter boxes:

1-Eco-friendly Kraft

2-E-flute corrugated

3-Bux board


1-Eco-friendly Kraft:

The concept of sustainable packaging is on the upswing nowadays. To hammer out eco-friendly packaging, Kraft material is widely used on the industrial level.

Kraft is a sturdy packaging paper, and it is composed of naturally chemical pulp.

Therefore, this paper has great strength and the ability to bear a wide variety of external pressures.

Kraft is also used to pack lighters apart from being used in crafting food packaging boxes.

Kraft is used to injecting lasting appeal and irresistible charm into custom lighter boxes.

Kraft is known for its strength and durability thus ensuring lighter safety inside the Lighter box.

Thirdly, Kraft is eco-friendly and sustainable. Eco-conscious brands have started using this packaging to preserve the environment.

2-E-flute Corrugated:

Corrugated paper is widely used in crafting different types of packaging boxes.

This paper is available in a variety of thicknesses to cater to the packaging needs of retail businesses.

Especially in bulk packaging, corrugated paper is noteworthy to use.

Its phenomenal strength lets businesses ship large bulk of products with complete safety.

Owing to its eco-friendly and sustainability attributes, lighter businesses are lapping up with this packaging to house this product in a safe and creative way.

Moreover, E-flute corrugated paper supports different printing techniques to carve out beautiful illustrations and themes on the packaging boxes to make them look attractive.

Fortunately, Custom Lighter Packaging Boxes Wholesale consists of fine E-flute corrugated boxes.

3-Bux board:

If businesses are looking for affordable packaging, Bux board packaging has got them covered.

Bux board is sturdy material with a rough surface. Moreover, it is sturdy and durable packaging that allows customization options in terms of size, design, and color scheme.

Due to their durable and sturdy nature, they are popular in use in retail businesses.

Especially in the lighter retail business, Bux board is used to ensure bulk and safe shipping.

4-Card stock:

Cardstock is extra sturdy, strong, and durable packaging paper. What is more, it features different printing features to spruce up the overall look of the lighter packaging.

Similarly, this paper is ideal for embellishment and coatings of various types to add a sleek and shiny touch to the surface of the packaging.

Due to the above-mentioned traits, cardstock is an ideal packaging material for packaging lighters.

Lastly, Card stock packaging is lucrative for promoting products and boosting sales.

Printing options used in crafting custom lighter boxes:

Lighters are packed in alluringly printed boxes with a variety of themes and artworks. The visual appeal of these boxes owes to a variety of printing processes, which are articulated below.

Printing methods mainly used on the industrial level are listed here:



3-CMYK+2 with PMS colors


CMYK color model is a popular color scheme used in the printing process of personalized lighter boxes.

CMYK refers to three colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black.

This printing technique is beneficial in creating realistic, images or designs that require multi-colored inks.

Different designs, labels, and graphics can be printed with this printing process on custom lighter boxes.


PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It is a universal color scheme model primarily used for printing custom lighter packaging boxes.

This color scheme is different from the CMYK scheme in the aspect that PMS colors are blended as per a specific formula of ink before printing.

This printing technique also imbues Custom Lighter Boxes with an irresistible charm that is hard to ignore.

Concluding words:

This article revealed important printing techniques and paper material types used in the manufacturing of custom lighter boxes.

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