The cost of digital PR is far less than the cost of PR on television, radio or in newspapers or magazines. The internet, and almost everyone with Wi-Fi access uses the internet, is a platform that is cheap. One can have a digital presence on the internet at no cost at all. To do PR on the internet, which could be equated to digital marketing or digital advertising, one has many different platforms available to them, such as social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, including the different search engines, email, and including all the business pages. Listings are free, general pages are free, including business pages, and it is only the sponsored ads or digital ads that are paid for. Digital PR can therefore be done really economically and because the internet has an enormous reach, digital PR really works.

Digital PR over television PR

The job of a PR agency is to give you all the options for public relations but let’s face it, no PR agency will suggest you use television or radio unless you have a massive budget and unless you have the right product. A PR agency will look at your product, which could be a service or a shop, and they will look at the market that you are aiming to reach. They will look at your goals and with you they will come up with the best platforms, the ones that are affordable to you, for public relations. Most PR agencies will devise holistic marketing plans that include social media, business pages, websites and blogs, and then the digital ads or email campaigns or both.

If you have something that you want to bring awareness too, which is PR, look at an agency who offers digital PR and who can do it at a good price for you.