The Brar family has three young boys, and Santosh tells Seerat that if even one of them chooses her, Seerat’s life will be settled. Seerat is happy and hopes that passes can be made in some way. At Brar House, the turban-tying competition begins. Javjot Bebe tells the four contestants to be ready since they only have three minutes to finish a task. Kiara captures the action live. Dadaji/Daariji requests Angad’s assistance in adjusting the turban cloth. If he aids him, Angad claims he would lose out to his rivals. Daarji uses him as emotional leverage and enlists his assistance. Jaspal predicts that he will triumph. The contest commences. A song from Rangde Basanti is playing in the background. End of three minutes. Bebe engages with each of the four rivals. Darji makes sexual advances while claiming to have won the contest. Bebe declares Agad the winner after claiming that his shadow, Angad, tied a finer turban than he had Pushpa Impossible.

Daarji is disappointed after losing the contest. If he fell short against his own grandson, Bebe believes it’s okay. Angad silently unties his turban. Angad’s turban end is loose, so Gurleen interrupts Bebe as she is about to tilk him. Bebe claims Daarji won once more. Daarji exudes happiness and declares that he is proud of Angad and that Angad is consistently superior to his father. Barfeer tries to depart because he is upset. Angad lifts her spirits. Kiara finds it odd that Angad gave up so readily. As Angad rejects every female, Jasleen hopes he will agree to marry her son. Sahiba is busy painting pots over there. Santosh tries to get passes from Ajit’s cousin over the phone, but he refuses. Taiji, the cousin’s mother, expresses regret and claims that her son abandoned his widowed mother in another person’s home. Sahiba lifts her spirits.

Bikka, Angad’s cousin, asks him why he let go of his turban during the competition. He is urged not to tell anyone about it by Angad. Bikka requests that he at least describe the destruction. He is told to wait and observe by Angad. Later, Angad presents Jaspal with the 17.5 carat diamond he had ordered from Belgium. Jaspal queries the hit price. He is asked to predict the amount, and Angad replies that it is 25 crores, which he purchased for Daarji’s decorating. Jaspal implores him to relax because his decoration is lovely. Seerat regrets not being able to organise party passes. Sahiba advises people to be content with what they have while outlining her desire to become well-known through her work.

Seerat teases her. Santosh applies a face pack to Seerat’s face and requests passes from Sahiba. Sahiba queries how she intends. Even if they are given passes, according to Seerat, she will need a new clothing to go there. She is given 2500 rs by Sahiba. In 2500 rs, according to Seerat, she won’t even get a chunri. Sahiba answers a call and departs with cash for Santosh. Santosh claims that she occasionally believes Sahiba to be their household’s primary provider.

Garry goes back home. Where was he last night, wonders Darji. Jaspal also asks Garry questions. Garry becomes anxious. Angered, everyone is asked to enter to view the decoration after Angad claims to have dispatched Garry to meet Neitherland clients. He brings them to their ornate personal temple. His decoration is praised by Bebe and others. Gurleen says it’s already too late. Garry supports her. Jaspal criticises people for simply commenting on other people’s work. ‘He’s right,’ claims Bikka. Angda queries Daarji on his opinion of it. Daarji berates his ornamentation. According to Jaspal, Angad put a lot of effort into this ornamentation and purchased a diamond from Belgium for 25 crores. God, according to Darji, is the same for both the older and younger generations; it lacks Punjabi soil because Angad destroyed it.

He displays last year’s setup and claims that this represents their true culture. Gurleen wants Garry to show Daarji his mental decorating after sending him pictures of the decorations. She blames Angad and declares that today’s prayers and paat would not take place. A young child is saddened by that. Angad claims he has three hours left to make things right and makes a commitment to do so. He is told by someone that Tilaknagar is where he would find such ornamentation. Sahiba arrives at her store and moves her painted pot in its direction. Angad cracks the pot by opening his car door. Sahiba becomes irate. The narration claims that their love journey just began.

Sahiba is compensated for her loss by Angad.
Sahiba scolds him and tells him that nothing can be obtained via the use of money. With money, according to Angad, he can. Bikka brings Angad to Sahiba’s store and asks for one of her accent pieces. 2 party passes are required, per Sahiba. Angad disputes