The demand for website and web application development has increased tremendously in the past few years. Today, every business irrespective of the industry vertical is looking forward to improving its presence in the digital realm through web development. However, when it comes to developing a website or a web application, businesses are spoilt for choice, since there is a plethora of programming languages and frameworks out there. If you are also struggling to decide on the right tech for your next web development project, this informative piece is for you. Read on to this detailed post to make an informed business decision.

As stated above, there is a plethora of programming languages and frameworks available for web development, however, Python is one such general-purpose programming language that is dominating over others when it comes to web development. This high-level programming language has been around for over three decades, yet, it is still gaining strong momentum for years. In fact, Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages used by 43.51% of professional developers, according to the 2022 developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow. In a recent report published by Statista, Python is the fourth most used programming language as of 2022.  

Furthermore, Python is used by some of the leading industry giants in 2022. What’s more interesting about Python is that it is recognized as the official language of Google. The leading search engine, i.e. Google leverages the potential of Python in Machine Learning to build web crawler APIs and deliver the most accurate search results to users. If you also want to leverage the potential of this open-source, high-level programming language, you should opt for Python web development services from an expert. Before you hire an expert, let’s take a quick look at some key reasons to choose Python for web development. 

1) Open-Source Programming Language

Python is an open-source programming language, which simply means, anyone can download and use it for free for web development. Being open-source in nature, there is no need to pay any licensing fee and developers can not only change the source code with ease but also distribute it to other Python developers in the community to expedite the web development process. Since the community of Python is ever-growing and always encouraging, web developers are less likely to encounter bugs or errors when developing dynamic websites or web applications for clients across industry verticals. 

2) Faster Time-to-Market 

Time-to-market plays a critical role in the success of Startups and SMBs. Businesses looking for a programming language that facilitates quick web development should consider Python. The reason being is that Python has a strong and active community, third-party libraries, and frameworks that enable developers to cut down on development time. In other words, Python’s third-party libraries and frameworks allow web developers to build MVP in a quick turnaround time by writing just fewer lines of code. In a nutshell, choosing Python for web development not only helps you achieve faster time-to-market but also lowers the high web development costs. 

3) SEO-Friendly

Web development is not the same as it used to be a couple of years ago. Today, it’s much more than just building a visually-rich user interface (UI). Besides having an excellent interface, the web solution needs to perform better to attract potential customers. For the same, it needs to follow standard SEO principles. Using a programming language that follows standard SEO practices can help your web solution rank higher in search results. Python is one such programming language that supports SEO practices, which makes it ideal for web development. Using the Django framework of Python, web developers can create SEO-friendly web solutions that allow businesses to create readable hyperlinks with targeted keywords. 

4) Security

Though Python is open-source in nature, yet, it offers best-in-class security for web development. Using this programming language, web developers can hide the source code of the web solution from direct viewing, which in turn, improves security. If you are planning to build an enterprise-grade web solution that deals with sensitive information like customers’ bank details, personal details, etc., Python would be your best bet. In a nutshell, Python is as secure as PHP, HTML, and other programming languages that are used for web development.  

5) Versatile Programming Language

Unlike other programming languages that are limited to web development, Python is a versatile language that can be used beyond web development. For instance, developers can use Python for AI and Machine Learning Solutions, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Data Science, Image Processing, Programming Application Development, Desktop Application Development, and more. 

6) No Need of Hiring a Big Development Team

There is a multitude of Python libraries and frameworks out there that allow developers to quickly build web solutions without writing code from the scratch. This, in turn, eliminates the need for hiring a large team of Python programmers for web development

Summing Up

Python has become a coveted choice for web and application development since it comes with a multitude of business benefits. If you also want to harness the benefits offered by Python, you should consider partnering with a professional Python development company