In most commercial premises, you must have encountered fire exit signs. Quality fire retardant signage solutions are vital for assisting people to escape an emergency. Usually, continued directional signs reassure people throughout the route.

Commercial premises often exhibit fire safety signs. These signs, along with fire rated cladding solutions, are important in the event of an emergency. These fire barrier panels help restrict the movement and spread of fire.

How are Fire Rated Cladding Panels Helpful? 

Premium fire rated cladding panels facilitate keeping your space safe in case of a fire outbreak. Such solutions feature a thick flame-resistant core that is surrounded by sheets of laminated steel. The panels serve both as insulation and walls in one. Commonly consisting of non-combustible material, these panels resist fire and keep it contained.

Excellent fire rated cladding solutions benefit businesses in many ways. In addition to offering a truly superior solution for fire protection and insulation, it also contributes to the overall effectiveness of the facility. Paint the panels in virtually any colour, and use various finishes, to boost the aesthetic appeal of your space. These panels’ attractive design allows them to fit almost any design scheme easily.

Install Quality Fire Safety Signage for Greater Functionality 

Effective fire retardant signage solutions indicate the location of fire-fighting equipment and fire safety exits. These signs help building occupants to view the emergency exit sign from wherever they are in a building.

PROBOND UltraFR is widely considered one of the only Fire Resistant Signage Grade panels. The mineral core of these solutions is resistant to burn under extreme fire conditions. The external aluminium coating offer extended outdoor durability against harsh Australian UV conditions.

PROBOND UltraFR is ideal for grooving, folding and CNC routing. Largely considered the highest standard of panel for all signage applications, the panels can be sawn or guillotine cut with standard aluminium blades.

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