Curtains are the essential decorative element of any home as they not only dress up your windows but also add curb appeal to your places. People tend to buy curtains for distinct reasons. 

You can add insulation, block light, enhance privacy, and make a room look more appealing and beautiful by installing curtains in your living spaces. Various neutral and bold shades or patterns are in the market to explore for the curtains.

Undoubtedly, curtains can spruce up your places instantly, depending on the type of fabric you have got to select for the curtains. 

Whether you have purchased curtains to enliven up the decor of the living room or to intensify the outlook of your bedroom, you have to follow some legit steps to hang them on the curtains rod. In this article, we have described the step-by-step guide for hanging your curtains. 

Follow The Step-By-Step Guide To Hang Your Curtains On The Rod

When you purchase curtains for your home decor, there are different but valuable things you might need to consider. After selecting the curtains per your choice of textile and color, the next step is to hang them over the rod. 

People can take help from professionals to install curtains, but if you are looking for a DIY project, this guide is for you. Let’s go through the hanging steps one by one to help you out with the installation process.

Collect All The Required Tools & Materials

If you have customized decorative curtains in your desired color and fabric material, now is the time to install them on the curtains rod. But before you move towards the working step, gather all the necessary tools and equipment required for the installation to make the process efficient. Here’s the list of these elements.

  • Curtains
  • Modern & Vintage Curtain Rods 
  • Curtains Hardware
  • A Stool Or Ladder
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil Or Marker
  • Level & Paper
  • Drill Machine & Drill Bit
  • Safety Glasses & Mask

After you collect all the equipment, the rest of the process will be smoother.

1. Calculate The Length & Width Of The Curtains & Windows

If you’ve renovated your house and installed curtains for the first time, then there won’t be a curtain rod installed already that you’ll need to take off. 

Hanging curtains is effortless when you are not doing it for the first time. You can start with measurements, as it is crucial to measure the dimension of the windows for flawless curtains installation.

To measure the height and breadth of the windows, you can use a measuring tape and note down the size specifications on the paper. The length of the curtains depends on the window’s size and how you want to style them. So, when you pick curtains and curtains rods, make sure to purchase them in the extended width and length of approximately 8-12 inches, respectively.

2. Mark Your Intended Bracket Placement

After you decide on the length of the curtains, move toward the bracket placement. Measure the floor height concerning the window and then the windows’ height to the ceiling to select the perfect height for the bracket placement.  

You can use the pencil to mark the bracket placement, as there’s a chance that you’ll need to adjust the markings again. To check the place of the screws, hold the brackets up to the wall and spot the accurate mark for proper bracket placement indication. To make sure that your indicated mark or line is straight, you can use the level.

3. Install A Curtain Rod

The next step in this easiest guide is to install the curtains rod. You have selected the rod that suits well with your curtain shade and is wider in length. Now you can drill holes into the marked areas, but without pre-drilling, the process can be disrupted as the wall can face hairline cracks.

When making a hole, don’t use the drill forcefully instead, apply the needed pressure and wear a mask and safety goggles for your safety. The holes should be identical in size so that screws can fit into the hole perfectly.

4. Find Studs & Install Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are not needed when wall studs are installed next to the drilled areas. You can screw the curtain brackets directly into the wall. You can buy a stud finder and use it along the wall to detect if there’s any stud in there.

It will be perfect if you find the stud, but for another case, you can purchase the wall anchors as required. Place the wall anchor to the hole and tap it using a hammer until it fits perfectly into the wall. Make sure the brackets you are using can support the curtain’s rod effectively.

5. Add Curtains In The Curtain Panel & Hang

The final step in this guide is to add your window hangings to the panel rod, and to accomplish this goal, you will need to use a stool or a step ladder. Although it is not risky to install the curtains yourself to ensure your safety and perfect installation, you can grab a partner.

Spread your beautiful curtains over the rod and install the curtains rod to its respective place. Level the curtain fabric over the rod for a graceful and unified look. You can use finials to provide support to the curtains so that they won’t fall from the side.

Final Note!

Window hangings are the most integral part of home ornamentations, but it is mandatory to be aware of the proper installation process. If you want to know the significant curtains hanging steps, you can go through the steps mentioned above. 

First, consider the window configuration as per the length and width of the curtains. After marking bracket placement, install the rod, find a stud, and install wall anchors. After screwing in the brackets, you can hang curtains on the curtain rod.