Does your home feel unreasonably hot, especially during the summer? Forget about installing a brand-new air conditioner and running your utility bills up too high. A quiet attic fan can improve the overall ventilation of your home, helping you stay comfortable no matter the weather.

Quiet attic fans – How to install your new home cooling system

Attic fans work by pulling hot air from your living space and expelling them through the attic. As a result, they lower your room temperatures and prevent moisture from building up in the highest part of your home.

What’s great about attic fans is that they’re now more advanced than ever, and you can find low-noise solutions that will hardly distract you or your neighbors.

But first, how do you install an attic fan? Here are some steps to remember:

Make sure you have the right CFM rating

Attic fans can move a lot of air in your home. But to ensure that they work efficiently, you must choose the proper CFM rating for your system. Generally, you will need about 700 CFM for every 1000 square feet of attic space.

However, the total CFM you need may still vary depending on the type of roof you own. You can calculate the exact rating using this equation:

Area (sq. ft.) of the attic floor x 0.7

Then, multiply the product by 1.2 if you have a steep roof or 1.15 for dark roofs.

Choose your attic fan.

Attic fans may also vary according to the shape and size of your vent. Generally, you will need about 1 sq. ft. of venting for every 750 CFM of your attic fan. Proper venting is necessary because it allows hot air to escape your home through your attic.

Follow the installation instructions.

Attic fans are typically simple to install, and you can complete the process yourself. Your system will come with an instruction manual, so make sure not to miss any steps or perform miscalculations.

If you’re unsure about your installation skills, you may consider contacting a licensed electrician or contractor for the task.

Investing in your home’s cooling system can significantly improve your comfort. Therefore, purchase a high-quality quiet attic fan from trusted suppliers in the country.

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