Parents are often worried about the upbringing of their children. We understand how important it is for you to raise strong and resilient kids. It is not an overnight process but a consistent habit and discipline implementation that you should follow. So, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand things better. The top schools in Faridabad (like the TSMS, Faridabad) follow a certain set of rules and here we are just going to decode that for you. 

Let us get started without much ado!

What’s Resilience, Anyway?

Resilience means being able to bounce back when life throws challenges at us. It’s a life skill that helps your kids handle tough times and come out stronger. So, how can you help your child become more resilient? Below are a few tips from popular Faridabad schools that you parents can follow. 

1. Encourage Problem-Solving

You can give a head start by encouraging your child with problem-solving. When your child faces a problem, big or small, ask them questions like, “What can we do about this?” This helps them think creatively and find solutions.

2. Teach Them That It’s Okay to Fail

Don’t be scared of mistakes; they are excellent teachers. Tell your child that it’s okay to make mistakes and that they can learn from them. This way, they won’t be afraid to try new things. It is only by trying new things that they will learn to innovate and excel. Many reputed schools in Faridabad adapt this technique. 

3. Show Love and Support

Let your kids know that you’re there for them no matter what. Hugs, kind words, and listening to their feelings go a long way in making them feel safe and supported. Your constant back support builds confidence in them and they step forward for new pursuits.

4. Teach Independence

As they grow, let your kids take on more responsibilities. This helps them become independent and confident. It’s like teaching them to ride a bicycle – you start with training wheels, but eventually, they ride on their own. Self-reliance is a life skill, according to schools in Faridabad that will go a long way in their lives.

5. Be a Role Model

Kids learn by watching. So, show them how to handle challenges calmly and positively. When they see you being resilient, they’ll follow your lead. Parents are the best teachers and guides and none other than you can teach your child how to handle life in the best way.

6. Build a Strong Support System

Encourage your children to make friends and connect with others. Social support is like a safety net during tough times. Building a social circle is encouraging and inspiring for the little ones.

7. Manage Stress Together

Life can get stressful sometimes. Teach your kids simple stress management techniques like taking deep breaths or going for a short walk. Show them it’s okay to take a break when things get tough.

8. Set Realistic Goals

According to popular Faridabad schools, help your child set achievable goals. It’s like climbing a ladder one step at a time. Rushing will never help in accomplishing goals in life.

9. Keep the Conversation Going

Talk to your kids about their day, their worries, and their successes. Open communication is key to understanding their feelings.

10. Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate even the small wins. It’s like giving them a high-five for their efforts. This boosts their confidence.

11. Embrace Learning from Experience

Help your child understand that every experience, good or bad, can teach valuable lessons. It’s like collecting wisdom with every step they take.

12. Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity, like playing outdoors, is not only fun but also helps in managing stress and building resilience. Many Faridabad schools follow this diligently. 

13. Teach Patience

Explain to your children that good things take time. It’s okay to wait for them. This can help them stay calm and patient. When faced with challenges, your child will not get restless.

14. Encourage Reading and Learning

Reading books and gaining knowledge can help them adapt to different situations and solve problems.

15. Support Their Interests

Encourage your child to pursue their interests and passions. It boosts their self-esteem and determination.


Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Teaching your child resilience is like giving them a sturdy boat to navigate the waters of life. So, keep going, parents! Your children are going to grow up strong and ready to conquer the world. Best wishes from us!