In this year of JavaScript, the language is continuously gaining momentum across different application development. Moreover, JavaScript is used with front-end and back-end app development and in building AI applications. Today, libraries and frameworks are used to accelerate the development process by leveraging the power of tools developed by professionals. To get to know in brief about frameworks here, we’ll discuss the two most popular frameworks as Angular and React. People generally get confused in choosing frameworks between React Vs Angular for app development.

let’s quickly understand the overview of React Vs Angular for app development.

Factors React Angular
Release Date 2013 2016
Programming Language JavaScript TypeScript
Support Form Facebook Google
Latest Version React 16.7.0 Angular 7.2.0
DOM Virtual ROM Real DOM
Learning Curve Moderate Steep
App Size Relatively Small Relatively Small
Template JSX+JS (ES5 and Beyond) HTML+Typescript
Rendering Client/Server-Side Client/ Server-Side
Abstraction Medium Strong
Data Binding Unidirectional Bidirectional


Below we have listed a few factors which you should consider before choosing the right platform

What is React Framework?

React is a library of JavaScript for UI development. It worked as an open-source community for developers and was managed by Facebook. For mobile app development, you need to incorporate it with Cordova. React can be used for building both single-page and multiple-page web applications. Choose the best react native app development company, which gives you a great experience.

  • Self-Sufficiency: React framework comes with various instances such as Redux, React Router, and other optimized processes. React includes functions like component-based routing, data binding, project generation, and other additional installed modules.
  • Learning Curve: This framework is quite simple to understand if you are aware of JavaScript. You need only to learn the Redux library to develop react applications for state management.
  • Community: With working with react, you can learn about the various community which comes with the latest documentation. Community support can resolve a lack of documentation using various thematic forums. It is used on Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Whatsapp, Uber, and DropBox.
  • Performance: React has improved performance after the introduction of virtual DOM. The virtual DOM is light in weight and comes with less server load time.
  • Language: React based on JSX script, where JSX is an extension for which JavaScript code resembles in HTML language. The JSX code is compiled in the browser, and a translation tool is used in it.
  • App Structure: React does not have any right structure design, so it takes time at the beginning of each project. It offers a view layer, model, and controller added with libraries.
  • Component-Based code

function Hello(props){

return <div>Hello {}</div>


  • Class Based code

class Hello extends React.Component {

render() {

return <h1>Hello, {}</h1>;


  • UI Components: You’ll find several free and paid UI components in react framework portal. Use material design components from where you can install libraries such as Material UI library & Dependencies.
  • Directives: In React, even if you don’t know the syntax of code, you can quickly understand the logic and templates of it.

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What is Angular Framework?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework used for web and mobile development. The angular framework that comes with TypeScript based is managed by Google based angular team. Hire Angular Developers to increase your app’s popularity.

  • Self-Sufficiency: It comes with an additional framework where the counterpart of React Native is called NativeScript Development. The functions include form validation, dependency injection, and another implementation with the angular package.
  • Learning Curve: Angular for app development comes with a massive library from where you can know about various learning concepts, which takes more time than react framework.
  • Community: Angular is not yet popular like react. Developers aren’t using this framework much as it’s complicated to understand and takes more time in learning. It is used by companies like Apple, Forbes, McDonald’s, Nike, Adobe, and Microsoft, as well.
  • Performance: The angular performance is not up to the mark and especially in the case of complex and dynamic web applications. However, it has come with improved performance in its latest version.
  • Language: Angular uses JavaScript, which is a superset of JS developed for larger projects. TypeScript is more compact than JavaScript, which helps in easy navigation and makes the process simpler and faster.
  • App Structure: In Angular, the structure is fixed and complex. Mainly the code is written in four separate files such as TypeScript, HTML file, a CSS file, and a special file for testing purposes. The code can be reusable anytime.

import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’;


selector: ‘my-app’,

templateUrl: ‘./app.component.html’,

styleUrls: [‘./app.component.css’]


export class AppComponent { }

  • UI Components: Angular comes with an in-built material toolset that offers pre-built material design components. The framework comes with various button, layouts, indicators, and another form controls so UI configurations becomes simpler and faster.
  • Directives: The syntax of the directive is very complex and sophisticated, which makes it easy for the reader to understand. Even without experience, the user can efficiently work with technology.

React or Angular, what to choose for your App?

Benefits of React JavaScript Library Benefits of Angular JavaScript Library
  • Timesaving
  • Faster Testing
  • Code Stability with one-directional Data Building
  • Quick Development
  • Higher Performance
  • Material Design like Interface
  • Better Error Handling
  • Seamless Updates using Angular CLI
  • Clearance code

Who wins the battle? Vue.js vs. React.js

  • Both Vue.js vs. React.js frameworks come with a few similarities, such as:
  • Both have root libraries.
  • React.js and Vue.js based on virtual DOM model

Both come with a component-based structure. Indeed, they come with differences between tools. You can check them in the pros of each framework.

Why choose to React to developing App?

  • Team of expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • When you require a highly customized specific app solution
  • When you have components, which share among multiple apps

Why choose Angular for developing App?

  • Experienced team of C#, Java, and older version of Angular
  • App complexities that lie on a small to medium level.
  • Higher productivity and ready to use solutions

What is the future of the React and Angular Framework?

If we look at the current scenario, then the market of both frameworks will go out of the picture in 10-20 years. Here, react has more changes empowering the developers to quickly provide feedback on the latest improvements and in experimental APIs. On the other hand, Angular is ready to grow and will increase its popularity after the release of the Angular 8 beta version.

In the end, it’s your choice to choose the right framework according to your requirements. Hire an app developer that better suits you and grow your business with ease.