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Are you one of those style-conscious people who have their phones full of style inspirations? If yes, then you might have come across the super trendy Boho style décor. The cosy vibes are immensely popular across the globe and therefore it is very easy to source high quality Boho cushions in Australia.

Thanks to globalisation, sourcing Boho style décor is not a challenge anymore. However, styling it like a pro is still not everyone’s cup of tea. Keep on reading to master the art of shopping and styling Boho cushions and pillows.

What is Boho style decor?

Boho style décor is all about artistic expression. It includes peaceful and eclectic aesthetics that derive inspiration from woods and metals. Mixing patterns is the key to creating Boho inspired décor and therefore cushions play a significant role in achieving the look.

How to shop for the latest style Boho cushions? Boho or Bohemian look is basically culture inspired décor elements. Hence, when it comes to shopping search for a store that has globally sourced Boho cushions in Australia. This way you can be sure about the latest patterns and colour tones.

There are plenty of colour tones that go well with Boho themed décor. However, if you want to shop for pillows that complement all of the décor elements in your room, then you can go with yellows, whites and browns.

How to style Boho pillows and cushions like a pro? Shop for uniquely designed pillows that look eclectic but have the potential to bring the entire room look put together. Besides, here are the styling tips that will make your room like it is done by a professional.

1.Statement piece: Pick a colour theme for your room and select a cushion in that colour. It can be the statement piece and become the inspiration to find other matching pillows.

2.Number of cushions: Cushions are never enough for a décor enthusiast. However, if your family prefers to have more seating space on the sofa then you can go with 3 pillows, otherwise for a full blown Boho seating arrangement, have at least 5-8 cushions.

3.Complementing cushions: Make sure that the cushions look in sync with each other. It can be done by paying attention to the shapes, the fabric, or the pattern. For instance, if using a geometric pattern make sure that each of the cushions complements the other.


Follow the tips shared in this post to enjoy styling your room in the perfect Boho inspired décor theme. If you want to shop for the latest designs of Boho cushions, then visit the renowned Boho Morocco store. It is the top-rated Homewares online store for creating Boho magic.

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