Everyone wishes that winter would go away. But let’s get a few facts straight. Summer will soon follow summer and then spring will follow spring. All this means is that the cold weather is not on our side. What’s worse, it will take us along with it for a month, perhaps even a couple of months. Our mood will certainly suffer a dip. But you have the answer to the weather woes. What’s the cure? It is the jaggery sweets online, of course. Here are five reasons to get them for yourself.

1. Jaggery is anti-dyspepsia

Our stomach is not something we can ignore. If we can ignore it, it is certainly not healthy. But, how do we treat it? We do so with certain foods and one of these foods is jaggery. This is an age-old remedy to fight dyspepsia and digestive problems that result in stomachaches and diarrhea. This is particularly true in children. It is also good for overall digestion. For this, you need to try this out – make a paste of jaggery and honey and apply it externally. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. The pain will go away. Your health will improve.

2. Jaggery is a good brain food

Yes, it is true. It may sound weird, but science is backing it up. A recent study has concluded that jaggery is useful in controlling certain brain conditions. The main ingredient that causes brain conditions is glucose. This is something that is lacking during cold months. But if you make a jaggery sweet, it has all the necessary properties to keep the brain cells healthy. So, why wait till winter to eat them? You don’t have to. You can make them any time of the year. There is only one thing you need to make sure of – you need to boil them well.

3. Jaggery cleans the liver

The best part of jaggery sweets online is that it is good for your liver. Yes, the liver is your body’s powerhouse. It performs all the functions related to your body. But the cold weather certainly does its share of damage to your liver. The food we eat contains certain chemicals and some of these chemicals do more damage than others. As we discussed above, jaggery is one of the best food options for liver health. Boil the jaggery and serve it in a bowl. Add salt. Savor.

4. Jaggery protects you from getting sick

Another feature of jaggery sweets online is that it protects you from getting ill. A very old method of cure in a place called Bihar, India. The method involves mixing some spices with the jaggery and drinking it as a cure. So, it is worth a shot. You can try out the method here. Try to make this for a whole month, drinking it once every day.

5. Jaggery is for weight loss

This is another one of the oldest methods of weight loss that is still in use. You boil the jaggery and stir-fry it. What you have achieved is a food that is very low in calories. You can do away with all the oil and have healthier food. All you need to do is boil the jaggery, cool it, freeze it, and eat it as is. This is called jaggery thukku. For more on the recipe, click here.

All the above are the best reasons to try out jaggery sweets. They are simple and quick, and they work in many ways. If you are craving some, you can just make a batch and keep them in the refrigerator. But if you are looking for a special and different thing, the traditional method with jaggery is the best way. Try it out. For a month, you are on a treat.