Is investing in cryptocurrency making you anxious? You have every right to feel that way. Last year (2022) was a tough year for crypto investors, with Ethereum and Bitcoin down by 70 percent from their peak positions and Solana and Cardano down by 90 percent. If you endured last year’s highs and lows, you might wonder if 2023 can provide better opportunities.


Should you invest now?


You may want to consider investing in cryptocurrency this year to take advantage of better buying opportunities. Here are reasons to proceed:


Rock-bottom prices


Bitcoin peaked at almost $70,000 per token, and Ethereum neared $5,000. Now, Bitcoin is below $21,000, and Ethereum is around $1,500. Now is a good chance to take advantage of the crypto market clearance and grow your investments at a lower cost.


Avoid regrets


Cryptocurrencies are speculative investments. That means not even the most seasoned investors cannot tell how they will perform in the long run. Although there’s a risk of failing, it could bring significant changes.


If you’re not sure about investing, think of whether you will regret investing a small amount now and losing money if it fails or not investing at all and losing the chance of a lucrative investment if it succeeds.


Opportunities for growth


There is no telling how and when the cryptocurrency market will recover. That said, downturns should not stop you from buying now. Even if the tokens do not skyrocket in value any time soon, even a small increase can be profitable if you start investing in cryptocurrency at low prices.


New technologies to help you invest smarter


Investing in cryptocurrency requires careful thought, but it doesn’t have to involve too much guesswork. Today, you’ll find revolutionary cryptocurrency prediction sites using machine learning and AI to help you make informed investment decisions. They can analyze multiple charts and patterns for you, so you can save time and effort and buy and sell at the right opportunity.