Visit Santo Domingo 

Santo Domingo is one of the first and oldest inhabited European cities in America. The metropolis is home to well-preserved extraordinary colonial-era structures and architecture. It is known for the firsts, such as the first university, the first castle, the first paved streets, and the church. The beauty and historical intactness of the city is enough to wonderstruck you. The colonial city of Santo Domingo is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this marvel is worth exploring.

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  1. Ozama Fortress

The oldest fort and European military structure in the Americas is an architectural marvel. While exploring this beautiful World, you learn a new perspective to understand it and its peculiar ways. Every place leaves a mark on your life, and one such place to learn the history and culture of San Domingo is Fortaleza Ozama. The place also has something for hikers. Once you reach this historical landmark, there is a small hike to get to the top of Coral Rock Torre Del Homenaje, also known as the Tower of Homage. It offers a spectacular view of the city and the Caribbean Sea from the peak.

Most of us had dreamt of living in a castle during our childhood days. The lavish life we saw in movies and cartoons became our dream. Ozama Fortress is an opportunity to turn your sweet innocent dreams into a beautiful reality. Spirit Airlines book a flight paves your way to reach this splendid castle and live your dreams. The secret tunnels and dungeons in the castle make your trip more thrilling.

  1. Parque Colon

Parque Colon, home to the Statue of Christopher Columbus, is nestled at the heart of the Zona Colonial. The most happening and enticing square in the city. Tourists can witness street performances, including music and dance performances.

When you decide to visit this living history with Spirit Airlines booking it’s our job to make sure you discover the first cathedral built in America. The Catedral Primada de America is the first cathedral on the south side of the square.

Visitors can go for a short thrill ride by taking a tour from the Chu Chu Colonial tourist trolley. Going towards the north from the square, you will reach the city’s main pedestrian street, Calle El Conde. You can experience the most scenic dining experience with outdoor tables facing the park.

  1. The Three Eyes National Park

Tired of learning history and exploring museums? Ancient art and architecture arouse curiosity, but nature has all our hearts. Feeling like escaping the chaos and stress in the wilderness in the lap of nature. A 15-minute drive from the lanes of history can take you to a pristine dreamy landscape called the Three Eyes National Park.

Prepare yourself to descend beneath the earth with Spirit Airlines ticket booking. You can indulge in lush and humid caverns in a series of four crystal-clear water lakes. The spectacular lakes with calm water are tranquil, and a bit of imagination can make you see blue-green eyes. You can experience a scenic boat ride for just a small fee.

  1. Monasterio de San Francisco

The first monastery built in the New World, Monasterio de San Francisco, represents the trials and tribulations inflicted on this city. The ruins of Monasterio de San Francisco are a notable historical site that has witnessed countless disasters. Visitors cannot get inside the interior, but the site occasionally opens for events. A hot and sweaty walk to see this majestic venue will take you to restaurants to cool off.

  1. Guibia Public Beach 

Playa de Guibia, also known as Guibia Public Beach, is the main stretch of sand on the southern shore of Santo Domingo. The mesmerizing blue water, accompanied by the majestic sunset, is awe-inspiring. This beach is a paradise for beach lovers as it offers water activities like a Volleyball court, beach loungers, a public gym, and swimming.

Discover Yourself

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is a colonial landmark. The city is a land of history known for its gothic architecture and vibrant culture. Spirit airlines reservations open gateways for travelers to explore.