It is almost impossible to go anywhere without a headphone if you have a smartphone, mobile or music device.Basically, a headphone is a must have accessory if you are a smartphone or mobile device owner. But the latest technology and innovations makes it appetising to go for wireless headphones instead of wired headphones. In fact, wireless headphones are more lavish than wired headphones. So,there are a lot of questions you have in your mind whenever you think about it or whenever you  want to make a purchasing point of view regarding this that  “Do these wireless headphones in India really overweigh the cost ? or Does it really make sense to invest in wireless headphones rather than weird headphones? Having said that, let’s discuss why wireless headphones are preferable. 


1. Dispose of wires:

The best part about wireless headphones is their freedom. With the cordless and hands-free  xfeature, you can be free all the time. No matter what you are doing, whether you are working out, doing household work, exercising freely, walking down the streets, jumping or doing any physical movement, wireless headphones make it easy to listen to music. Now you don’t have to think more about your earbuds dropping off from  your ears, getting irritated from the wires touching your clothes or getting disturbed from the wires while doing necessary work. No need to waste your time in solving tangled or knot wires headphones.


2. Audio quality:

With wireless headphones, you can enjoy high quality sounds with wonderful bass and treble which can give you an enjoyable experience. You can feel the clarity of the voice to its high level. You can continuously enjoy the sound or music as you don’t need to worry about the wire plug getting out and leaving a junky effect on your favourite music, podcasts or film.


3. Last longer:

With wireless headphones you don’t need to think anymore about the broken cable and soldering new wires to use it more as one of the most important point of failure in wired headphones is its cable and you keep on  buying that low cost wired headphones again and again which will ultimately result in you to spend a lot of money. In wireless headphones the point of failure is gone as long as you don’t lose it and look after your things.


4.Comfortable and Portable:

Wireless headphones are more portable and lighter as they dont have extra components and wires. The lighter weight of these headphones gives less stress on the user’s head and provides better grip to their ears.Their comfortable design helps users to remain free from the ear pain as in case of earbuds or wired headphones. Due to the folding ability of these wireless headphones we can easily pack it in our bags during travelling or day to day work. These wireless headphones became a great option for active users due to their comfort and portable design.


5. Features and functionalities:

The market today offers a wide variety of wire

less headphones that focus on creating the best sound quality with various features and functions. For example, noise cancellation technology, bass boosting capabilities, a comfortable design that perfectly mimics the shape of your ear that with full wireless you don’t have to compromise on sound quality.


6. Stability Connection

In the old days of bluetooth headphones connection automatically dropped out, at that time pairing was a great point of pain, playback was irregular and quality of the audio came to the musical version of old tin. But various changes have occurred these times.

These days, as you open the lids of your airpods case or as you press the button of your wireless headphones, within a second your headphones start pairing and get connected to your phone.


7. Issue of Battery Life:

Most of the appliances are modified in such a way that it can be used for a longer period of time after getting successfully charged. Within a single charge wireless headphones can give you 10-12 hours of playtime.unlike wired headphones through charging  they are always recycled and can give you a better experience when fully charged.


8. Easy to use:

With wireless headphones you don’t need to plug in wire and play sound, simply connect your phone with the help of bluetooth in just one click and enjoy the sound. In wireless headphones you are not required to carry the attached wire along with you as a result you can move freely and you don’t need to carry your phone in your hands.


9. Freedom to Choose:


Wireless headphones offer you a variety of styles with different designs and shapes. It modifies in such a way that you can pick headphones according to your choices whether we want to use it for gym. It can be easily available in different cases.

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