The debate over giving participation awards to children, regardless of whether their team wins or loses, has been a hot topic for years. Some say it is unfair if they lost, while others believe that all kids should be rewarded no matter what the outcome because this will encourage them to join in future Keller, Texas sporting events. If you are stuck in the middle of this argument and are not sure what to do, below are ways on how participation awards can greatly benefit children and foster their competitive spirit.

They Can Bring Out the Best in Everyone

When kids know that there is a chance they can go home with an award, they are more likely to give their all during the game. They will be more determined to score goals and play their best because they do not want to let their team down. Custom awards Keller also promote a sense of sportsmanship as kids will be more likely to congratulate their opponents if they played well.

Help Teach Kids About Goal Setting

If you give out awards for things like “Most Improved Player” or “Best Attitude,” it can teach kids the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. They will also learn that it is not always about coming in first place, but that there are other ways to become successful in life.

Awards Can Be a Motivator

For some kids, the prospect of winning an award during an athletic event is enough to make them want to practice more and do their best. If they receive an award at the end of the season, it will give them something to strive for the next time around. Custom awards can also help kids stay involved in a sport if they are starting to lose interest.

Promotes Healthy Socialization

Athletic events are a great way for kids to socialize and make new friends. Awards can help promote this by giving kids something to bond over. They will be able to talk about their favorite moments from the season and compare awards they received.

Awards Can Help Include Everyone

When you give out Keller awards to everyone on the team, it helps kids feel like they are part of something and that their efforts are appreciated. Awards can also help prevent bullying by giving kids, who might not be the best athletes, a sense of importance.

Teach Children to Accept Defeat Honorably

If you only give awards to the winning team, it can teach kids that defeat is something to be ashamed of. Custom awards given to everyone, regardless of the outcome, can help teach kids how to accept defeat gracefully and move on.

Puts Winning Into Perspective

When kids are only focused on winning, they can forget about the fun of playing the sport. Awards given to everyone can help remind them that the point of playing is to have fun and do their best. This can help teach kids how to handle winning and losing in a healthy way.

Whether you are for or against giving out participation awards, there is no denying that giving recognition delivers many benefits. If you are considering giving out Keller awards at your next children’s sporting event, you can rely on Shield Awards to provide you with high-quality custom awards. We offer a wide range of products, including glass awards, crystal and glass awards, eco-friendly awards, plaques, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.