Whenever you have an electrical problem or need some new wiring, you want to hire a commercial electrical company to handle the job, because they will have the right technical knowledge and training. Therefore, using residential electrical contractors for commercial work is never ideal, nor is taking a DIY approach to things like running commercial data cabling or diagnosing a breakerbox issue or installing new light fixtures. First, it helps to understand some of the differences between residential and commercial projects.  

Commercial Electrical Company Versus Residential

Understanding a few of the key differences between commercial and residential electrical work will make it easy to see why hiring a commercial electrical company is the way to go. Residential and commercial contractors would have received similar training in terms of classroom work and apprenticeship training. However, commercial electrical work usually must meet higher standards. Commercial electrical projects tend to be more complex than residential jobs, often far more complex than residential projects. Fixing a breakerbox issue may be the same job in a factory or a home, but the industrial setting may well introduce new issues and complexities.  

The nature of an industrial project tends to be different because the operating environment is different. A factory or even a convenience store needs more wiring, heavier wiring with more insulation, and easy accessibility for those wires, switches, and other electrical components. A commercial contractor also needs to carry more insurance and adhere to higher safety standards. An industrial space will almost always use triple-phase wiring that carries 120V to 480V. A home or apartment will use single-phase wiring that carries 120v to 240v. Commercial data cabling is also different from wiring up smart home technology.  

Considering the different nature of industrial, retail, and residential projects, hiring a commercial electrical contractor offers several benefits. Commercial electrical contractors in Nashville TN will have the capabilities your industrial or retail electrical project demands.  

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician 

Using a commercial electrical firm for retail and industrial jobs is a good idea for several reasons.  

1 – Saves Time 

Electrical work can be complicated. This may be even more true in commercial and industrial spaces versus a home. Even if a project is theoretically a DIY project, a professional electrician with experience in commercial projects will do the work faster. Never attempt DIY repairs or improvements on a three-phase commercial electrical system because it will take more time and introduce some safety hazards. 

2 – Is safer 

A commercial electrician may be better able to spot hazards in your electrical system. The complexities of a residential electrical project rarely match those of a commercial one. Wiring a retail space or factory or machine shop will introduce potential problems and hazards that do not come up in wiring a home.  

3 – Less legal and financial risk 

The most obvious issue with any construction work is inspections. Will the work pass? With a professional electrical contractor that risk is minimized. And beyond the risk of code violations, a poorly done job may cost more because of rework. A residential electrician may be qualified to do complete the job, but they may not be familiar with commercial electrical codes and standards, which may lead to substandard work that will not be approved.  

4 – Cost effective 

A commercial electrician will be able to help a business owner to save money in a couple of ways. Some electricians are trained to conduct energy audits that can reveal ways to save money. A commercial electrician will be able to install efficient LED or CLF light fixtures that run on a timer. That setup will save some money and pay for the extra installation cost. There is also a significant risk of drawing code violations because the work was done incorrectly. You could potentially have your insurance cancelled too.  

Consider the opportunity cost of taking on your own electrical work? What else could you be doing with your time? The bigger the task, the more important this question becomes.  

For anything more complicated than replacing some light bulbs, calling on commercial electrical experts makes sense. But how do you evaluate a commercial electrical company’s credentials?  

Choosing the Right Commercial Electrician 

When evaluating commercial electrical contractors in Nashville TN here are some important questions to ask:  

  1. Are they licensed to operate in your area?  
  2. Do they have good online reviews? 
  3. Does their website offer evidence that they have worked on projects like yours in the recent past? 
  4. Do their specialties line up with the nature of your project? 
  5. Related to #3, have they worked on projects similar in scope to your project? 
  6. Is their record with the Better Business Bureau clean? 

With answers to those questions in hand, you will be able to hire a contractor with confidence.  

Save Time, Reduce Risk, and More 

Hiring a commercial electrical company is about risk management, as well as efficiency and cost. You just need to know how to select the right firm for your business and for the project at hand from handling a breakerbox issue to relocating your business equipment or installing more commercial data cabling. Contact us if you are looking for commercial electrical contractors in Nashville TN and tell us about your project so we can give you an estimate.