An RPL Australian Computer Society skills assessment requires you to submit a number of documents. These documents serve as proof of your educational qualifications and work experience. So, let’s move ahead to know what these documents are. 

Required documents: 

We have divided the required documents for the Australian Computer Society Skills assessment into three categories: personal documents, educational qualification documents and work experience documents. Let’s know each one of them: 

Personal documents: 

Passport or birth certificate: 

You need to submit your colour scans to the assessment authority. You need to give the identification page of your passport which has your name, address and other necessary information. 

Name change proof: 

If you have recently changed your name, send a clear colour scan of the document. 


As per ACS rules, you must submit your resume in the personal part of your application form. 


Qualification documents: 

Academic qualification: 

For your Australian Qualification, provide a clear colour scan of your academic transcript and an award certificate or completion record. If having added a master’s qualification, submit a bachelor’s qualification too. Provide the below-given details in your qualification documents: 

  • Degree/Title in Education
  • List of the course details with your earned grades/marks for each unit or subject
  • The completion date of the college degree
  • The name of the university where the degree was attained 

Vendor qualification

You must provide the vendor login details for authentication purposes to be eligible as a Microsoft Vendor. When you successfully submit the form, you will be asked to apply your login credential for the Cisco Provider Certification. You can attach this information as a file.  

Experience documents

You have to submit a colour scan of your job references on business letterhead or statutory declaration. 

Work experience document requirements: 

  • Your work experience must mention the employment start and finish date. If still working, write it as ‘To date’. 
  • Your job roles and responsibilities that you performed in the work period must be written in detail for the claimed occupation. 
  • Mention the total work hours per week. In addition, mention if the work is part-time or full-time. 
  • Write the name of the country where the job is positioned. You need to mention the date and location of the work it is in the same country but in a different place. 
  • Organizational Letterhead must be signed by the author, and it must have their name, address, position title and contact details. 

Third-party statutory declaration requirements: 

Third-party colleagues who are working at an executive level must provide a statutory declaration. It must state that the document is observed in front of an authorized person including the date and place of the declaration held for the ACS Australia skill assessment.  


If you need more information regarding the Australian computer society skills assessment, feel free to reach us.