QuickBooks Error Code 15215 shows up when the digital signature set up on your system can’t be verified by QuickBooks Desktop. This technical error could be caused by some conflicting software running in the background.

Because of this error, any requests to access the server are denied. Read this article till the end to learn more about and apprise yourself of the different ways to fix QuickBooks Error 15215.

You might get the following error message on your desktop screen:


What are the major causes leading to QuickBooks Payroll Error 15215?

  • The files crucial for installing QuickBooks could be broken.
  • QuickBooks files may be damaged or broken.
  • Misconfigured Internet Explorer could also result in QuickBooks error 15215.
  • A conflicting program running in the background could possibly lead to this error.


Updated methods to fix QuickBooks Error 15215

These are the latest methods in order to rectify the QuickBooks payroll error 15215:

Method 1: Run QuickBooks as Admin

  • If QuickBooks Desktop is already running, close it.
  • Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your desktop and choose the option to Run as administrator.
  • Then, click on Yes in the window that appears on the screen.


Method 2: Adjusting Internet settings

  • Shut down QuickBooks Desktop to start the process.
  • After that, open Internet Explorer, click Tools, then Internet settings, and finally the Advanced tab.
  • Go to Settings and choose the option to Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, or Use TLS 1.2 options.
  • Make sure that the option to Use TLS 1.0 is turned on.

  • Also, make sure that none of the following boxes are checked: Use TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
  • Click Ok to close the window.
  • Now, close down Internet Explorer.
  • Finally, you can open QuickBooks Desktop again to double-check if this method could fix QuickBooks Error 15215.


Method 3: Swapping to Selective Startup

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop first.
  • Press the Windows and R to bring up reveal the Run window.
  • Type MSConfig and then hit the Enter key.

  • Make sure that Selective Startup and Load Startup is selected.

  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Turn your computer back on, and then start QuickBooks again.
  • After downloading the update, restart the QuickBooks program.
  • Next, click on Ok and choose the Normal Startup mode again.


Method 4: Change settings of the Windows Firewall

Configure the firewall setting in order to resolve the payroll maintenance release error 15215:

  • Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Now, choose the Windows Security option.
  • After that, you should choose the Firewall & Network Protection option.
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
  • In the menu, click on Inbound Rules.
  • You can also pick the New Rule and the type.

  • After that, click on Port.

  • Use the radio buttons to choose Specific Local Ports.

  • Soon after, choose Next.
  • Click the option to Allow the Connection.

  • Hit on Next.
  • Pick a type of network.
  • Before switching from one network to another, check all of the settings.
  • Click on Next.
  • Give a name to the newly created rule.
  • Finally, hit on Done.


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Having covered all the major causes and updated solutions to fix QuickBooks Error code 15215, we hope that this article should be able to resolve your queries. For additional assistance, just give us a call at the helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.