The beautiful season of Autumn is here. This is the season when every leaf becomes a flower and the beauty around us is mesmerising. This is the time to enjoy the mosaic of winter, spring and summer. The best way to enjoy this season is being one with your own outdoor space and giving them a completely new look. It’s time to be one with nature and refurbish your outdoors using timber.

Timber is a very crucial element that can make beautiful outdoor furniture. It increases socio-economic values and reduces carbon emissions. The use of timber in redecorating your patio can bring a new life to it. Various types of timber like the ironbark, treated pines or Jarrah and many more can be used. Timber also comes in various colours like a rich mahogany, golden and light shades of brown.

Marcelle’s Building & Carpentry is renowned for providing various carpentry and renovations services. Here are some incredible ideas from our experts that will spark a new life to your outdoors.

Make a Beautiful Sitting Area

An outdoor sitting area means an unlimited supply of fresh air, cool breeze and a chance to make memories. You can have some light-hearted conversations with your friends and family or dedicate the place to your special one. A sitting area can also become an outdoor tea party venue. A few timber chairs along with a small tea table and a grass rug underneath and you are good to go. Whether you opt for timber benches or plan for having chairs and tables, just give us a call and we shall work wonders.

Timber Decks

Use of timber decks is always appealing. You can build a small gardening area along with such timber decks or add a classic touch to your outdoors by using different kinds of timber decks. The contrasting colours and patterns add a vibe to your outdoors.


With a timber overhang, you can soak in your surroundings, without being worried about the season. A timber overhang will protect you against the harsh Aussie sun and rains. Your outdoors would soon become a nice, comfortable and stylish place to spend your time.

We always recommend using Australian hardwoods like spottec gum, jarrah and ironbark. Timber is one of the best materials that can completely change the look of your outdoors and we have expertise in creating wonders with this wood. Connect with us today and explore the best possibilities to add a sparkle to your outdoors.