When you proceed towards the south, India’s rich culture brilliantly manifests itself to visitors. You can’t get enough of the sea that plays along the entire coastline, and the states, cities, and destinations are stunning. Your journey will be worthwhile because of the breathtakingly magnificent scenery, historical buildings, and scenarios, as well as some contemporary charm. Thus, if you’re considering taking a road trip to the south, make sure to thoroughly research the distance between two important areas, the best things to do there, and the top tourist attractions in the city you’ll be visiting.

Bangalore to Chikmagalur Road Trip

Do you want to go to a charming hill town close to Bangalore? What could be more stunning than the spectacular entrance at Chikmagalur? It’s a great place to take a weekend trip from Bangalore. Although there are various routes that lead to this spot, we’ll travel by car today from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. Your daily routine might be spiced up with a quick trip.

Take a break so that you can focus on your work. By reading this blog, you will be able to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the open road. Bangalore to Chikmagalur is one of the best road excursions you should take in India.

Chennai to Pondicherry Road Trip

It is one of the best road trips in India because the journey itself will provide you with more memories and experiences than the actual destination. One can stop along the road for a few coconuts whenever they feel like it and take in the stunning vistas of Southern India’s beaches. The East Coast Road is ideal for riding or driving down, as one will discover. Mahabalipuram is a convenient stopover if you want to enjoy the beaches and indulge your stomach.

Bangalore To Coorg Road Trip

For those who enjoy the outdoors, a road drive from Bangalore to Coorg is a true delight. Coorg offers breathtaking picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscapes because it is one of the best hill stations in the South and is encircled by the Western Ghats. With the exception of a few areas here and there, the roads throughout this route are generally good. Book Bangalore outstation taxi for a hassle free ride.