Since the first release in 2005, Ruby on Rails has been a trending framework amongst the developers and business owners. And it has been such a reliable and popular framework that even in 2020, developers simply love working on Ruby on Rails framework.

However, some of you might be unaware of Ruby on Rails web development and might to curious to know what exactly the RoR framework is. Right? Well, before getting into the nitty-gritty of Ruby on Rails, let’s get started with the basics of Ruby on Rails.

Understanding Ruby on Rails framework

Ruby on Rails is a prominent web development tool that offers developers a seamless framework to structure all the code that needs to be written. The framework enables developers to develop applications and websites rapidly as it simplifies the regular tasks. Rails is written in Ruby and RoR is a server-side web application framework which focuses on using popular software development engineering patterns and paradigms.

Why Developers Love using Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails doesn’t offer a few reasons for developers to bank on RoR; rather, it has numerous benefits that grab developers and business owners. Ruby on Rails has a highly intuitive and simple code structure and is compact, easy to learn even for beginners.

After all, Ruby on Rails is not at a new term in the market; rather it is being used by popular companies such as Bloomberg, Airbnb, GitHub, Crunchbase, and a lot more. Let’ explore more convincing reasons why businesses and developers count on Ruby on Rails Development Services in today’s time.

MVC Architecture

Ruby on Rails framework is open-source and has a wide library and the knowledge required is available online free of cost and you get numerous tools which help in rapid development. Ruby on Rails architecture is very convenient on the developer’s end as it utilizes MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which indicates multiple developers can easily collaborate on a project and work seamlessly. MVC architecture also ensures that the developers can debug the code in a hassle-free manner.

Moreover, the code of Ruby on Rails is easy to maintain as compared to other frameworks and is easy to understand and even has a great community online that supports us while getting stuck in some issues. Ruby on Rails enables scope for test automation, which is another compelling reason why developers love using Ruby on Rails framework.

Rich Quality Code

Ruby on Rails is a simple language for development as it works upon the convention over configuration principle. It clearly indicates that you can remove the requirement of configuring things explicitly rather than relying on defaults.

In that case, adding components become hassle-free, and Ruby on Rails supports numerous functionalities such as RESTful app design, rapid development, and use of numerous libraries. RoR even has a test automation feature that assists in productive development. And because of its object-oriented nature, it becomes simple and quick to maintain good quality code.

Easy code modification & migration

Ruby on Rails comprises of rich testing frameworks and in-built gems like rsspect, cucumber, unittest, that assists in bringing out out a rich product. Apart from this, people can even build custom gems that make a developer’s life easy and better. And the immense community support of Ruby on Rails framework is another notable benefit that has grabbed every developer’s attention as of now.

Rapid Web Development

The primary reason businesses love using Ruby on Rails framework is its simple English-like syntax that makes programming really simple to understand for developers. Another prominent reason for counting on Ruby on Rails framework is the Ruby gems, a gem is a library or module that can be installed and used in all sorts of projects on the server. Ruby Gems further helps in making the web development process fast than ever before.

The above are the major reasons why developers and business owners in today’s date love using Ruby on Rails framework and taking their business to new heights. So, you must look up for an ideal vendor so as to grab a wider customer audience and experience business growth.

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