Did you know that over 650,000 ex-offenders are released from jail each year, with statistics indicating that almost two-thirds will be rearrested within three years? A substantial proportion of those on bail face having their bail revoked.

This can make it much more difficult for these people to get released again due to an increase in the bond amount and cause their loved ones’ initial investment to go to waste, making it vital for all people on bail to follow the rules for bail.

Thus, if you or a loved one is out on bail, here are a few rules to avoid a bail revocation.

Rules To Follow When Out On Bail

Here are a few rules for bail that individuals on bail can follow to avoid a bail revocation:

Never Miss A Court Appearance

Missing a court appearance while out on bail can be the worst mistake that you can make since this will highly likely result in a judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. Therefore, make sure to have your court schedule with you at all times and keep track of it to ensure you are available for every hearing until the court reaches a verdict for your case.

You want to do this for yourself and your loved ones since when this occurs, whoever bailed you out will also lose all their money.

Do Not Own or Carry Firearms

If you are not permitted to carry or possess firearms while on bail, you must observe this regulation because if caught with a weapon, you will most likely be arrested and returned to jail.

Moreover, even if the judge does not restrict you from carrying or possessing firearms, avoiding doing so while on bail is still preferable. Consider this: if you’re already in trouble with the law, why risk complicating matters?

Refrain From Breaking the Law

This rule is self-explanatory since you must avoid any small or severe criminal offenses that may risk you returning to jail when you are out on bail. However, many individuals out of jail fail to follow this rule and get re-arrested for other criminal offenses while out on bail.

This will result in you returning to jail and a significant increase in your bail bond, making it difficult for your loved ones to bail you out again.

Don’t Stay Out After Curfew

Although a curfew is not always a requirement for bond release, some courts may prohibit individuals from leaving their residences after a curfew.

Some people believe they can avoid getting caught until they are stopped by a police officer in a patrol car or are involved in suspicious activity, which leads to their arrest while on bail. As a result, it is advisable to follow curfew regulations (if any) and be on your best behavior when you leave your residence.


Don’t Consume Drugs or Alcohol

Even if the terms of your bail do not prohibit you from consuming alcohol, avoiding being intoxicated or using illegal drugs that could land you in trouble is best. Furthermore, this rule is critical for individuals particularly susceptible to inappropriate behavior while under the influence, as this only increases your chances of being arrested again.

It is also normal for courts to perform unannounced drug tests on those out on bail before court appearances, so you should avoid attending court under the influence since being caught drunk while out on bail might result in several repercussions.

Do Not Contact the Victim or Witness

Contacting the victim or witness involved in your case is prohibited in almost all counties, and if a person out on bail fails to follow this rule and the witness or victim reports them, they will be rearrested again. Some individuals try to take the law into their hands and contact the victim or witness while out on bail to try and solve the issue on their own.

However, this usually results in further complications. Hence, it is best to avoid any such activity and let the court do its job and comes to a verdict.

Important note! Individuals out on bail must also remember that intimidating or threatening a victim or witness is considered a criminal offense and will likely get you rearrested during bail. Avoid any such activity that may cause the court to believe you are dangerous.

No Travelling

Often, a judge prohibits individuals on bail from leaving the state until the court renders a ruling. Therefore, if you intend to travel, you must first contact the court to obtain permission from the judge. Any attempt to leave the state (if prohibited from traveling) while on bail can be considered an act of fleeing, resulting in a court issuing a warrant for your arrest.

Of course, you can travel if your court has not prohibited you from traveling while on bail. However, it is usually best to double-check that there are no travel limits to prevent regrets later.

Follow Courthouse Protocol

Individuals out on bail must always be on their best behavior, especially during court appearances. You must wear proper court attire, respect law enforcement officials, and communicate with the judge formally and politely. Doing so will allow you to put your best foot forward and make a positive impression on the judge and prosecutor handling your case.

Final Verdict

Now that you know the important rules for bail make sure you or a loved one out on bail follow them to avoid a bail revocation. If you want further information on the rules for bail or want to get a loved one bailed out of jail, we recommend contacting the experts at DeLaughter Bail Bonds.

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