When you go for a trip, the first question that comes to your mind is where you will stay and in what way. To say that you can stay in any hotel or you can take a room on rent. But will you get everything you need? However, you will find many people who have gone for a walk/travel just like you.

On the other hand, if we talk about hostels, you can also stay in hostels where you will find 53% of people with shared rooms. But the question arises, are hostels safe? You have to take care of your belongings in a hostel or a rented room; how will you take care of them?

As a student, you might have thought of renting a space in the best student hostel. You might have also thought about PG spaces or rooms. Today we can bring you safety tips while staying in the hostel.

Use the Lockers

There are hostels for students in Mumbai, but not all will help you with all the necessary facilities. Indeed, you will have to ask for it. It is sure to say that 90% of hostels have lockers, and you can ask for one. You can look for the padlock before you leave for travel. It will make your lockers safe and sound, but if you are not having any of these facilities in your hostel, you can rent one padlock for a small fee.

Even if you are living in PG in Malad West, you will have a laptop, money, tablet, mobile, camera, and other necessary items like a passport. For all such things, you might need lockers. So, you can backpack items that can save lots of your pennies and dollars.

Use Padlocks

There can be a situation when your hostel is not available with lockers. In that case, you can keep your backpack locked with padlocks. You can purchase any bag with a zip where you can attach your padlock and may have the safety. Alternatively, you can also buy a safe case that may protect your valuables and is splash-proof. It will keep your stuff safe while you are leaving the room. Even if you live in the best student hostel, safety is in your hands. You can also put the backpack strap in the bedpost to keep the bag secure and attached to the ground.

Don’t Show Off Your Valuables

Sometimes, shiny things attract people more. They tend to rob you or ask you for things seeing your expensive valuables. If necessary, you can put duct tape and stickers on the electronics like laptops, cameras, etc. If not, it is better not to take such items with you.

Do not advertise a lot of money; that can be worth targeting. It is acceptable that you travel with your electronics and essentials. But, be wise and have the safety on your side to hide things and things from people around you.

Let The Hostel Staff Know Immediately

If you feel unsafe, you may call the authority handling the hostel for students in Mumbai. If you feel that the staff is unwilling to help you, try a bit to make them listen to you. Otherwise, you have the complete liberty to file the complaint.

Hostels are meant to be flexible with safety protocols, where the staff members should have the experience to deal with all types of requests and should never be afraid to speak up.

There are many PG in Malad West that help you correspond with any culture giving you the home environment. And there are others where you will find strict rules, like no entry after 8 pm, etc. So, it is up to you which one to choose.


Whether you stay in a hostel for students in Mumbai or PG in Malad West, you should consider the safety factors. You can research and connect with your neighbor to stay safe and sound. Moreover, above are the best safety tips that may help you anytime you go for any hotel/room/hostel booking while traveling or while having the room as a paying guest.