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Salesforce Sales Representative Certification

The Salesforce Sales Representative Certification is designed for individuals who possess a comprehensive understanding of the sales process and are skilled in various aspects, including strategic planning, conducting customer and prospect research, effectively managing deals, maintaining pipeline management, accurate forecasting, and successfully closing deals by delivering value. Additionally, candidates should have a deep understanding of their customers, prioritizing their needs and success while demonstrating empathy.

Candidates pursuing the Salesforce Sales Representative Certification demonstrate exceptional sales capabilities by adopting a customer-centric approach. They establish trusted relationships with customers, ensuring successful deals through collaboration with account teams, executive sponsors, and stakeholders. Taking full ownership of the sales process, these professionals meticulously plan, manage, and analyze their business activities.

Overview of the Salesforce Sales Representative Exam

The Salesforce Certified Sales Representative exam provides an in-depth assessment of candidates’ knowledge and skills. The exam comprises 60 multiple-choice questions and may include up to 5 non-scored questions. Participants are given 105 minutes to complete the exam, and a passing score of 70% is required to obtain certification. The registration fee for the exam is USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required by local law. In the event of a retake, a fee of USD 100, plus applicable taxes, is applicable. The exam can be taken either at a designated testing center or through an online proctored environment. No prerequisites are necessary to attempt the exam.

Outline of the Salesforce Sales Representative Exam

The Salesforce Certified Sales Representative exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge and expertise in the following key areas, with corresponding weightages:
Planning: 21%
Customer Engagement: 15%
Deal Management: 37%
Pipeline Management: 12%
Forecasting: 6%
Customer Success: 9%

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1. A sales representative is strategizing on how to most effectively communicate with a key prospect.
Which approach should they take?
A.Repeat key messaging to make sure it lands with the prospect.
B.Send emails to the prospect less frequently.
C.Provide unique selling points to the prospect that add value each time.
Answer: C

2. Why is collaborating with departments such as marketing and service crucial to generating a new pipeline?
A.To expand and improve networking skills
B.To avoid competing for the best leads
C.To leverage additional expertise and resources
Answer: C

3. A sales representative is working to understand a prospect’s pain points, desired outcomes, and emotional drivers.
In which phase of the sales process is this deal?
Answer: B

4. A sales representative wants to transition to a recommendation in a way that demonstrates their ability to provide a competitive solution.
What should they use?
A.Summary statement
B.Success story
C.Solution unit
Answer: C

5. Which first step should a sales representative take to gain insight on potential customers?
A.Conduct stakeholder interviews.
B.Analyze data about customers.
C.Create customer success plans.
Answer: B

6. A sales representative is assigned to high-value prospects.
What can the sales rep do to gain their interest?
A.Identify potential trigger events as the reason to reach out to prospects.
B.Connect with customers associated with the prospect on social media.
C.Focus on personal details when communicating with the prospect.
Answer: A